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The titular farm

As a lover of shiplap, crawlspace living, and inexplicably prolific twins that don’t wander haunted hotel hallways you’d think the new show on HGTV, We Bought the Farm would be right up my alley. Well We Bought the Farm: Roanoke edition wasn’t quite the usual HGTV fair I’ve come to expect and love.

Such a loving couple

In the very first episode we meet Shelby and Matt, the recent LA transplants who purchased their new farm in Roanoke, NC. While zoning laws, noisy neighbors, unexpected structural repairs, and flash mob interior design are expected from shows like this, it has been two episodes now and they’ve yet to begin any significant renovations. At this pace, this new HGTV show is feeling more flop than flip.

I would have posted last week, but my cats were busy stealing my breath while I napped. Luckily a troll intervened.

Dated, late 90s Intro

This is your American Horror Story season 6 episode 3 live viewing discussion thread and post-mortem playground. Have at it!


Folks Gulped Down This Episode Like Suckling Milk From Mother’s Teet

Resident Roanoke scholar Deathmaster780 has everything you need to know about ill fitting wigs on tiny men folk, Detective Fucked Up Irish Sherlock, and who is DTF in the woods.

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