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We Had Stars Once

You may dimly recall that there was a contest a while back by the publishers of the science fiction anthology WE HAD STARS ONCE written, edited, and published by commenters right here on io9. To enter you sent in a photograph of your copy of the book. The prize was a poster of the fabulous cover art of the book with autographs of the folks whose talent went into making it. I sent in a photograph of the e-book on my Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. And I won!

It took a while to get the poster in the mail, and a while longer to get it dry mounted, and a while longer to get it hung up in the family room of the Palatial Overclock Estate (or what the media insists on calling the Heavily-Armed Overclock Compound). But here it is.


To the editors and writers: I'm so proud of you guys. I'm a big believer in folks pursuing their passions. And that's what y'all did. Keep it up.

WE HAD STARS ONCE is available in hardback, paperback, or electronic format.


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