Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

We've made a concoction. You may have already heard about it, or not. I'm going to share it here anyway, because it's made up of 100% Niner-y goodness!

We've put together an anthology, called We Had Stars Once, name courtesy of the awesome Tomb: R.O.A.C.H. EdificeComplex did our cover art, and Niners DukeNorik and Nikoda handled the heavy lifting of content editing duties so that I could copy edit in peace. All the stories have been shared here already as Thursday Tales, but I'm not sure they would be recognizable from their original forms after all the revision. It was crazy and crazy-making, but also fun and now it's at the publisher! (1889 Labs)

We just set up a FB page but I'm not here to pimp that out, I just wanted to share the great news that sixteen of your fellow Niners are about to be in a physical book!


If you haven't yet, check out this sweet cover art! Thanks EdificeComplex! Many thanks also to Annalee, for being so super-supportive of TT since the early days.

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