I ran across some sewing patterns that a few of you might find interesting.

I don’t often search for commercial sewing patterns, but perusing Simplicity’s webstore recently, I unearthed these gems. I have to say that I’m actually impressed with their dedication to the subject matter. Now, with a home sewing pattern, we’re not going to get a line for line translation of a comic or movie costume, but for Simplicity, this ain’t half bad. Honestly, the Wonder Woman and Bat Girl options are very well done.

What gets me is that major pattern companies are FINALLY recognizing that more and more people are dressing up as iconic characters for more than just Halloween, and need to have options at the fabric store. It’s gotten to the point where, in this case Simplicity, even started labeling their costumes “Cosplay Patterns.” This branding is a step a in the right direction for a growing market, and they are smart for joining in rather than ignoring the trend.


This is one of the first times I have ever seen a full-on catsuit offered from a major pattern company. Normally people would have to cobble together bits and pieces from various patterns to get the desired look, or go for more performance-type patterns, but now, they have a one-stop-shop option that is readily available to mass market.

At this point, I’m sure someone will argue that there is no girl’s option for Thor or Cap, or vice versa for boys, but hey, considering that all of these children’s options are age appropriate and adjusted accordingly, let’s be happy they got to the pits and worry about the wrinkles tomorrow. Besides, as the options are available, any home sewer can add to and take away from any costume to achieve the desired results.


I know I covered this in my AMA, but once again, if you need any help with sewing a costume, let me know in the comments section. I’d be happy to help.