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According to the news, last night majorly, majorly sucked. Let's have some East Coast folk music, hmmm?

Yesterday I was at a Great Big Sea concert. For those poor souls not in the know, GBS is folk-rock band from Newfoundland that has marauding around Canada for 20 years now. They came at a time in the 90s where if you were labeled 'alternative' you were practically guaranteed airplay. Plus, you know, their songs are a joy to listen to. This concert was the kind where people were dancing in the aisles, you jig? Let's listen!

Goin' Up

My coworker went to university on the East Coast. She said the parties were exactly as this song describes: thirty people in the kitchen (with always room for more) and people brought guitars, fiddles and squeezeboxes (accordions, button boxes...). I've always wanted to go to a party like this.

Ordinary Day

This song, guys, this song. Such a pick-me-upper. Bonus, rubgy! Rugby is the best. (Also bonus: does that lead singer look familiar? Perhaps, from that Russell Crowe Robin Hood movie? YES! It's 'Allan A'Dayle', the musician who was part of Robin's crew. Apparently they are friends IRL. Don't ask me how.)

When I'm Up

This one gets in your brain like some sort of delightful Newfie earwig. I'm not sorry for that. (Sorry for the earwig metaphor, though).

The Night That Paddy Murphy Died

That's how they showed their respect for Paddy Murphy. That's how they showed their honour and their pride. They said it was a sin and shame and they winked at one another. And every drink in the place was full the night Pat Murphy died!


This song and Spirit of the West's 'Home for a Rest' are classic/mandatory pub crawl songs.

Bonus level: Mari Mac

If you're still with me (I hope you're still with me), we finish with the intense Mari-Mac. Once upon a time I know all the words and could keep up, but now... well, you'll hear:

Have a better Sunday, everyone :)

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