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I, like many of the others around these parts, have been a member of the io9 community for many years now (I myself started back in the heady days of Spring 2011) and one of the things I always loved about the place was not only the friendly community atmosphere but also the willingness to talk about all kinds of sci-fi. Now however the place feels less like a ‘sci-fi and fantasy blog’ and more like a ‘DC comics, The Walking Dead, and The CW click site’.

Originally after the merger at the start of this year I still had hopes the site, while now under the umbrella of Gizmodo, would still be independent and for a while it wasm, with CJA still taking snarky shots at shows and a wide variety of coverage of various items. Now however it barely talks about anything other than a couple of big shows and has recently hit a new low with certain Gizmodo clickbait writers now being given the keys to the kingdom to natively write trash articles directly on the blog.


When the Gawker universe’s sci-fi blog contains no articles on Black Mirror other than a list of 14 “jokes” and instead the only thematic discussion about the show is on Kotaku, a video game blog, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

This post isn’t a rallying call to arms or along those lines but after seeing io9 basically start to wither and die and much of the old community leaving for greener pastures without so much as a mention at the watercooler I wanted us to have a discussion about it here at least.

So here it is, what are your two cents on the current io9 situation and do you think it’s all downhill from here or can it be turned around?

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