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We should prepare for battle. Black Friday is a week away.

Seems Liz was a bit confused earlier. Yesterday was NOT American Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving is next Thursday, followed by what we call Black Friday, when we get up early and go shopping.


I had wondered earlier, if do not live in America and do not celebrate Thanksgiving (or at least, you do not celebrate Thanksgiving on a Thursday in November), do you still have Black Friday? Or do you have a Black Saturday? Do you have it on the same weekend as our sales? Since you don't have Thanksgiving, when does all this start?

What do you do on Black Friday (or whatever your country has instead)? Do you participate in this? Do you have a tradition?


My usual plan is Walmart, about an hour after they open (or about an hour after the start of the first big sale if they just stayed open), so that I still get some good deals on some small stuff, but avoid the crazy people trying to get a big TV or something. Then, if there is time, maybe another Walmart (cause I got Spiderman 3 dvd at the first store, and then I have to go to another store to find Spiderman 1 and 2). Then there is hot chocolate (or flavored coffee that is mostly hot chocolate, sometimes for free), and then I head to Half Price Books and stand in line for up to an hour hoping to get a free $100 gift card, but so far I've only got the $5 ones. Next, I might go stand in another line hoping for some other freebie (I think last year World Market had free movie tickets), and then maybe another Walmart (still looking for Spiderman), or maybe a Target. Probably there are Walgreens and CVS stores between doing other stuff, and at some point I run out of energy and stop at a fast food place (usually McDonalds, in a Walmart). Might also be looking for something at Bath and Body Works, Michaels, or Bed Bath and Beyond, depending on what is near other places I am going.


I hope to be back home by noon.

What do you guys do?

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