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Like that scene.... Spoilers for Days of Future Past.

Good news everybody - X3 didn't happen........... That's what you all wanted, right. Deleted from history! Jean Grey lives! And Beast. Yay. (And Rogue. Being cut down to a 5 second cameo, but I'm glad she's there. And has a kid!


Oh. And Cyclops lives, too. Well. It can't be all good. (I kid, I kid....)


One may actually call this one a reboot... I had not expected it to this amount, time travel or not....

Lots of cameos, aren't there? Most of the old guard, even Stewart and McKellen don't really get to do much, it is definitely less their movie as their official passing on the flame. But they all do well with the little they have.

I love Quicksilver. That guy - and his only real scene is an awesome addition to the universe. One they are obviously planning to bring back! Good for you. And the Avengers will have to deliver on that character to be a match.


Dinklage is a little underused, I must say. It's always good to see him, but Trask is a bit boring, compared to all the mutants around him. Maybe another time.

So. The cards are remixed. All odds are off. I'm pretty sure the next movie will be in the McAvoy/Fassbender era - and I must say I'm looking forward to it.


I got a vague feeling it's going to be - Apocalyptic! Yeah. Stay for the post credits. Even if you don't get what it's about, you may want to have seen it before you go see the next one.... (I got it purely from the animated shows, though, so it can be understood....)

Logan got his Adamantium claws back in the future. I had a feeling they would do that, even though he doesn't need them for this... He's with Magneto, son that can be easily explained....


I liked that movie. It's a real good addition tying everything together, even though it actually deletes everything after it from the timeline.....


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