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Wearable-Tech Conference

A friend of mine just informed me of a conference in LA/Pasadena, California that is going to be a merging of the technology industry and the garment trade. It's called Wearable-Tech and looks to be an interesting event.

Topics include:

The Future of Wearable Entertainment and Hollywood with: Erick Miller - Founder & CEO, Epiphany Eyewear, Andy Grignon - CEO, Quake Labs, et al.


Emerging Wearable 2.0 Health Platforms (with 15′ Q&A) with: Sonny Vu - CEO, Misfit wearables, Charles Michael Yim - CEO, Breathometer, et al.

The Future of Wearable Music (live demo) with: Nadeem Kassam - CEO of BioBeats (Founder of Basis now an Intel company), David Plans, Co-Founder and VP Products Science, Biobeats, et al.

Some of the moderators include: Tshaka Armstrong - News Tech Ninja, KTTV Fox 11 News, Jon Healy - LA Times, Chris Gore - G4TV, etc.

This blending of these two industries is fascinating to me; alas, I live nowhere near California. Back in my academic days, I had a class final based on blending technology with functional garments. I got some amazing results from the students.


You can find out more about it at their website.

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