It’s almost the end of January and it’s really pleasant outside today — 75º F (about 24º for those of you who reckon by centigrade). But I don’t feel like leaving the house today. I feel blah and utterly burned out after what’s been a really crappy month — a bad flu (or something) that’s left me feeling completely worn out, and the death of my dog (which happened smack dab in the middle of said flu). Also, David Bowie, David Hartwell, and about half of Jefferson Airplane croaked. On top of that, I haven’t read a book in over a month and my feet hurt.

So I’m hunkering down in my dark room with Witcher 3 and a stack of unread graphic novels from the past year. What antisocial things are you up to on this lovely (or possibly horrible) weekend (or almost Monday, which I’m just going to assume is horrible)?