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Gone With The Blastwave is a (sadly) infrequent comic from Finnish artist Kimmo Lemetti. Set in an undefined post-apocalyptic city it follows the travails of two soldiers, only identified by their helmet insignias. Members of an army known only as 'The Reds'.

The vagueness is intentional; our heros don't know who they're fighting or why, or what city they're in or how to get out. They don't even know if there's any other Reds about. Maybe they're in purgatory or a dream or in a virtual reality game… maybe they're hallucinating because of the radioactive rat they've just eaten.


It's a loving parody of "post-apocalyptic and/or war movies, games, things" that doesn't take itself seriously at all. But the artwork fits the setting perfectly, the plot is just farcical enough have some semblance of realness, and you're given just enough information for you start wondering who's under those uniforms?



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