Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

It’s Wednesday (the day of the week that doesn’t look like it sounds... suspiciously so...), and, friends, it’s the open thread where you can feel free to talk about anything you wish.

As for me, I spent the last hour in wonder, watching a female-male pair of Hooded Merganser water fowl in the humble pond outside my windows. I’ve never seen birds like these birds, diving for a minute at a time, and with crests that any glam rock star would love to emulate. As luck (or bad planning) would have it, my camera equipment is in a different city, so the only photos I have are pulled from the web and apps.


A new day and a new experience. Carpe carnem. Seize the dog. What you or the dog do after that is up to you. Or the dog.

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