Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I'm not feeling so hot right now kiddos, so my original Cerberus related and planned post is going on hold. It was a busy morning and now a sickly afternoon and I just don't have the energy to think straight, much less write a real post. You'll get it tomorrow I promise.

Here's a few highlights for the day though to tide you over.

First off, regarding the Cerberus app security breach. Cerberus has officially put out an update stating the following:

Here are some more details on the incident:
- The database was not accessed, password are hashed and uniquely salted multiple times there, and we will migrate to bcrypt soon
- The attacker was able to access a legacy log file that contained usernames and SHA-1 hashes of passwords, that was generated by the app logins between March 1 and March 21
- We have then deleted the log file, stopped the legacy logging procedure, invalidated the passwords for the accounts present into the log and notified the users involved
- A total of 96564 accounts had their password reset and have been notified with the email communication above. These accounts have not been accessed in any way.
- A total of 3 accounts were accessed by the attackers, before we blocked their activity and reset the passwords. Those 3 users were notified before the others with a different email communication.
- As of March 26, none of the data obtained by the attacker was released publicly, that we know of.


So looks like things weren't too bad. They played it extremely safe and deserve praise for that alone. They took immediate action, we can't slight them for that. Even if we were slightly inconvenienced by it.

In Google/Chrome related news, at long goddamn last, you can upload music using your browser to Google Play Music. You no longer need the Music Manager app. You will have to go into Settings and then Labs and enable Google Play Music for Chrome. Make sure you save the change! I forgot to do so multiple times and got annoyed that "Add Music" never appeared for me. Once you get it going, it'll take some playing around with to get it to work right. Mostly by clicking Add Music and then getting the appropriate drag and drop window to show up. The first few tries it kept wanting me to select specific folders to upload music from. Don't let it beat you, it'll work. Remember though, it's a Labs setting. So it may act up and be a bit buggy. Oh and when you enable the feature you also get a Mini Player. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WHILE RUNNING THAT THOUGH. Otherwise you'll close Google Play Music and the Mini Player too. I know, it shouldn't work that way, but that is how it works for now. Better than nothing at least.


There appear to be for now no Android/Google related app updates. If anything comes up over the course of the afternoon/evening/night I'll update the post accordingly. Tomorrow you'll get your featured usual post.

Apologies. I know some of you have started looking forward to it but feeling sick came outta nowhere. All my friends have been sick lately and it looks like those bastards have at last passed it to me. Anyway, that's all for today.


EDIT: Oh, one more thing. IO is June 25-26th this year and there has been a MAJOR change to how tickets will go on sale. Usually it's a "fuck you, every man/woman for himself" type of chaotic thing. Where everyone sits on the IO page hitting their F5 keys like crazy hoping to snag a ticket. Google is doing away with that, rather than make it first come, first serve like usual they're opening up registration from April 8th to 10th and then randomly selecting people who will get to purchase their ticket at that point. Sounds more than fair. Tickets will cost $900. Academic tickets will go for $300 provided you meet any of the following criteria: full-time student, professor, faculty, or staff at a high school or higher education institution. You will need a Google+ account to register for IO and you will be required to pay with Google Wallet. If you have neither and want to go, get to setting them up. If you don't have either and don't want to ever have other... we who are about to do battle salute you, thanks for making sure I stand a better chance at scoring a ticket.

I for one like this new approach. Because with my amazing luck I stand a very good shot at being randomly selected.


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