I have no set topic for today, sorry folks. Getting slammed left and right with BS at work. I actually was on the receiving end of a lecture earlier today where I got berated because I don't stress or worry. Yeah, you read that correctly. I need a new job already. Anyway, moving on!

I got nothing for you all today. So for the time being some minor updates on a few things and if any Google apps get updated throughout the day then I'll update the post accordingly.

Lollipop Updates

With the exception of Nexus LTE tablets, all Nexus devices are receiving the Lollipop update already. If you own one and haven't you can find links to sideload the update on my post about that.

LG is doing their Lollipop testing in Poland already, so if you're an LG G3 owner expect that soon. When it drops I'll let you all know and I'll look into sideloading that as well and how to do it, although I figure it's roughly the same as any other way.

Motorola has rolled out the update as of last week for the new Moto X and Moto G. (If you are rocking the new Moto X and haven't received the update please see my other post linked to above. In there you'll find the link to sideload the update, although I might have to give you additional instructions on how to do so. Drop a line in the comments if you need assistance on that.) Rumor has it testing is already being done for last year's Moto X and Moto G, when that drops I'll share that as well since I know more than a few of you Odeckers have one or the other.


NVIDIA came through with their "November 18th" release date for Lollipop. All SHIELD Tablet owners should see the update on their devices already. On a related note, anyone looking into picking up this tablet for the holidays should hold off just yet. NVIDIA is really good about discounts around the holidays, so it might drop in price soon. Also, just FYI, if you get the 32 GB version NVIDIA will gift you three games. Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Portal and Half Life 2. FREE GAMES!

On a very related note, Android Police did a mini write-up on the SHIELD Tablet Lollipop update. With the choice quote and ending to that piece being as follows, "Overall, NVIDIA has knocked it out of the park with this update. They got it out faster than anyone else, kept all of the features that shipped with SHIELD Tablet intact, improved some of the services, and upped the performance on an already killer tablet. If that's not what you want from an Android manufacturer, then I don't know what is. If you're looking for an Android tablet right now, I highly recommend SHIELD Tablet."


The one drawback is that the LTE version of the device, the SHIELD Tablet that is, needs carrier approval for the update to go out, so while it is actually already ready to go out it's gonna have to wait for that. Before you grab your torches and pitchforks and get ready to let NVIDIA have it just want to say that you're focusing your rage on the wrong party. The carriers as usual are to blame for an OEM delaying an update.

HTC stated that Lollipop would drop to the M8 and M7 within 90 days from November 3rd and there's a chance it might come earlier than that for the M8. Screenshots leaked today showing Lollipop running on the device.


Google Play Services Update

Google Play Services got a seriously big update yesterday, bringing with it one very noticeable new feature for anyone running Lollipop already. Trusted Places!


You can set it for Home, Work and Custom (which you define obviously) and you will no longer need to manually unlock your device every time you want to use it. Or put another more succinct way... aww yiss.

You can grab the apk from here, although you do need to get the corresponding one for your device. To find out which one is for you go into Settings then Apps then Google Play Services and look at the last 3 numbers in the parentheses. It should be a ) followed by two digits if you're on anything that is pre-Lollipop and a 4 or 7 followed by 2 numbers if you're on Lollipop (my Moto X had 738). Do try and get the correct one for your device, if you need help give me your info and I'll give you the specific download link for your version.

Cerberus Updated!

This is my favorite anti-theft app and I know I've mentioned it before when they've had it available for free. It is hands down second to none.


The app itself got a huge Material Design inspired update while also getting some new features. The big one I think is the ability to prevent a device from being turned off from the lockscreen. There's also a username/password requirement that prevents the app from being removed from the Device Administrators page. The other notable one, which I personally won't be making use of, is locking out USB debugging mode on your device.

You can read more on the Google+ post and grab the updated apk for beta testing there too.


If you'd like to get the Play Store beta, go here and join that group and then go here and become a tester.

Motorola Keylink

Well, this is a new one. Motorola has the Motorola Keylink up for sale out of nowhere on their website.


Seems neat if you're the kind of person who loses their keys a lot.

I actually have a $25 promo code from Motorola for the delay in getting me my Moto X when I pre-ordered it, since I actually have no intent to buy anything from them short of the Nexus 6 anytime soon (and even that's gonna be awhile before I decide to pull the trigger on it, not the least reason for which is they're out of stock) that means I've got enough to get this for free.


And of course it's not available. Why put it up for sale if I can't buy it yet?!

And before anyone has to ask, I don't need this but I'm just bored enough to want to use that promo code on this because why the hell not.


EDIT: Now it's showing as sold out entirely for myself and others.

Google Play Music All Access Three Months For Free!

If you aren't already a subscriber of Google Play Music All Access I've got great news for you. If you visit this link here and click on "Get Started" you'll get a three month trial period for free. After that you'll have to pay $9.99 a month for the subscription, keeping in mind that Google is launching YouTube Music Key soon too and if you pay for one you get the other. (I'll do a write-up on YouTube Music Key relatively soon, I should have beta access to it later this week if what I've been hearing turns out to be true about the roll out to current All Access subscribers.)


Nexus 6 now available from T-Mobile, Nexus 9 coming soon.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


I'm definitely intrigued by the Nexus 6 64 GB model being available via the T-Mobile Underground. I just might pick it up for the hell of it. It's a Nexus, baby. How could I not?

On a hilarious note...

There's a great new Twitter account called An XDAer Googling.


I couldn't help but chuckle at that Tom Clancy one. Definitely a funny account worth following if you're familiar with some of the terms and stuff that get tweeted.

And that's all I've got for you all today. There have been no Google app updates as of yet, but that's always subject to change. So everyone have themselves a great day!