Well, well, well. It seems like it is definitely happening and I for one can't wait to see what it brings to the table.

First off, I'll be honest here, you almost didn't get a post today. I've been running myself ragged the past few days at work and I've got some personal stuff going on that's just got me drained and last night I thought to myself, "Screw it, I'm not doing a post tomorrow. Probably not one the week after either." But I came in to work, I kicked ass on the one thing I really was stressed about for the day, I'm gonna kickass on the other thing I need to do in the office today and then I checked my news feeds and goddamn! I just knew I had to post something today.

So let's get to it!

Android 5.1 is happening soon!

Yep, I totally stole that picture from Android Police before anyone ask. Also, please tell me I'm not alone in digging their site redesign. I think it looks much more modern than the old one. It'll take some getting used to but I'm definitely on board with it.

Now, for the record, Android Lollipop 5.1 was something we'd heard was going to happen but unfortunately the only "info" on it came from some less than reputable sources. Nothing from any of the trusted usual suspects, then out of nowhere last night/this morning boom there it is!

Android One users in Indonesia should be the first to see the update. Not sure if that's on out of the box devices or as an over the air update to current devices. After that, Nexus users will get in on some of that sweet 5.1 action.


According to Android Police they've seen some proof of this, it coming to Nexus devices that is, via their server logs and per what they posted there are at least three build versions. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's likely one version we'll see in final form and the variances they saw are just test build versions which naturally you expect to see get updated regularly as they catch bugs or fix things and what have you.

I'm stoked! More so because a good friend of mine just went out and bought a Nexus 6 yesterday and he's already wanting me to root and ROM it. As soon as 5.1 drops I'll just flash the factory image to his N6 and then I'll get some hands on time with it and do a review of it for you guys/gals. See if there's any changes I can find, assuming it isn't all bug fixes and the like.


Also, for what it's worth, this might likely be why Lollipop still hasn't rolled out as widely as some people would have preferred. No point in rolling out 5.0 when 5.1 is in the pipeline on its way towards widespread deployment.

History of Flagships, as presented by XDA

So before I share the links and the very informative reads, let me start by saying that XDA has been working on putting out the history of flagship devices for a month now and we've had a few so far and more on the way. If you're at all interested in Android and where we've come in the years it's been around then this is definitely something you want to read when time permits.


The first part covered Sony.

The second part covered Samsung.


And I won't consider this to be the third part, since it's not titled in line with the other two but it is no less of an interesting read than the other two, you've got Motorola and their dramatic change over the course of the past year.

Humble Cartoon Network Games Bundle!

I don't know about all of you, but I absolutely can't get enough of Regular Show. I find that show beyond hysterical and I even have pictures I've done on Post-It Notes of the entire cast. (Sadly I can't share them with you all. I had them on my monitors at work but I did them as a special "a drawing a day" thing for a friend of mine and I gave them to her some time back.)


That said I've bought ALL the Regular Show related games in the Play Store and there are quite a few.

Well, this week's Humble Bundle gives you all those plus the other games by Cartoon Network.


I don't need to explain how the Humble Bundle works. You all should know by now. I'll just state the average at present is $6.14 and paying more than that gets you what you see there. Paying more than $8 gets you some other stuff. And naturally more games will be added soon, which is as good as a done deal as far as "Will they really add more games?"

I can vouch for the Regular Show games, they're all very entertaining and amusing.

Pick up the bundle if you'd like. Or don't. What am I, your mother? I can't tell you what to do.


Also, my favorite episode has to be the Evil Dead inspired/related one, "Grave Sights" (Season 2 Episode 31).

I mean come on! It's just such a great episode. You know who that is without it actually being him. That is totally Ash, who is as badass as you can possibly be while still being a mere mortal. And my favorite part of that "Badass of the Week" write-up is at the end end. "The fact is that you can't hold Ash to the same standard that you hold mere mortals to. He is not only just a complete and total badass; He is the standard by which all future badasses will be measured. So if he wants to jump onto a department store trampoline and fire fifteen perfectly-aimed shotgun shells in rapid succession while soaring twenty feet in the air, he can do it. You and I can't; but you and I are also not Ash. And while it may seem impossible for do the things that he does and kick as much ass as he is famous for doing, I assure you that it isn't. Why, you ask? Simple. Because he's Ash."


A new wallpaper app

This one I can't remember if I found it on reddit or just perusing the Play Store or what, but I'm digging it so far.

wall:splash which is completely free is a wallpaper app and my oh my is it a wallpaper app. If you like photography and pictures of various scenery or architecture or anything along those lines then you will fall head over heels in love with this app.


I'm not very good with words when it comes to describing scenery and pictures and stuff like that. So I'll just show you the picture (although very cropped) that I had no choice but to set as my wallpaper.

Maybe it's just me, but I can peruse the app and the pictures within and I am just filled with this sense of calm and peace.


More Dead Zebra figures are on the way!

Tomorrow at 11 PM the Series 5 figures/collectibles will be available from Dead Zebra.


These tend to sell out fast, so you'll definitely want to set a little reminder for yourself to pick one or all of them up.

Personally, I'm going to finally buy one for myself (as all the ones I've bought til now have been gifts). Namely this one here.


It shall have a place of honor somewhere around my TV and PS4, along with a few other figures I've collected recently.

That's all you get for today

I've got nothing more in regards to news or things of interest to share with you all. Besides the fact that I was thinking of cartoons from my youth just now and found some clips from YouTube and holy shit I had no idea how creepy this one skit from Tiny Toon Adventures was until just right now.

Buster cranks up the "Babs, you're gonna get murdered" factor to 11! As a kid I found the skit hilarious and so awesome (because I used to listen to that type of music, from the '50s and '60s). Now though I'm a little weirded out. (Also, that compact disc Buster bust out near the end is hilarious. Def Zeppelin. Live at Folsom Prison. I see what they did there.)


Also, does anyone else hear that song and think of that Stephen King's Sleepwalkers movie? The girl who works at the theater is jamming out and dancing to it as she cleans before going home. I've never forgotten that scene.

Of course that's not the most memorable song in the movie, that honor goes to Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk", which some of you may also remember from the film La Bamba.

[runs up a hill] RITCHIEEEEEEEEEEE!

Completely unrelated, I just heard that "Same Damn Life" song by Seether on the radio yesterday, is it just me or is the guitar riff basically "I Will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March?


Anyway, that's all you all get for today. No Google apps have been updated yet, but if any are I will update the post accordingly.