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Wednesday Android Update - Early Edition - Motorola!

Perhaps the better name for this post should just be "Shut up and take my money!", you'll see why upon reading the rest of what I've written.

So this one is coming to you all early because of the various things that dropped late last night (by U.S. time zone standards at least). I would have held off for posting this tomorrow, but I've had enough people ask me about phones recently worth checking out that this one really couldn't wait. Plus Kinja hates me lately it seems, so figured I'd post while I can and it isn't acting up/signing me out without me noticing.


An even was held in London this morning (or late last night if you were in the U.S.) by Motorola to unveil their new phone. Or should I say phones.

Up first was the unveiling (of the previously leaked) Moto E. For the low price of $129 you get what is essentially a bare bones Moto G. Same look and feel, albeit with slightly downgraded specs. Most notable of which is the 4 GB of onboard storage and the lack of a front facing camera. However, the lack of built-in storage has been mitigated by the inclusion of a microSD card slot (capable of reading a 32 GB microSD card).

The phone itself is running Kit Kat (4.4.2) and comes with Motorola Assist and Motorola Migrate, both of which I've discussed before here and here. A new addition to the Moto included software is Motorola Alert, which will allow you to share your location with family and friends when entering or leaving certain places. (I expect that this will be released to the Play Store in due course, just like the previous Motorola apps, and current Moto G and Moto X owners will be able to install it at their leisure.)

It cannot be stated enough just how insane all this is though. That is an unbelievable price point for what is hands down a very remarkable and relatively up to date phone. No one else comes close to making anything this good at that price. No one. Motorola is definitely going to have another hit on their hands with that device.


For those wondering about availability, you can order the phone right now from this page here. Keep in mind two things. If you're ordering the Global edition of the device you'll receive it within 4-5 business days. U.S. versions are up for pre-order only and will be delivered between June 3 and June 6.

If you order any accessories for your device, they'll go out at the same time and will ship with the phone itself. So no waiting on multiple deliveries.


There has also been a rather significant update to the Moto G. There is now an LTE version, which also has a microSD card slot. Good news because there is only one version of the phone available and it is the 8 GB of built-in storage one. Of course it's worth noting that the price is only $219. You can order it here, but it seems to be U.S. LTE only for now. The same June 3 to June 6 expected delivery date applies to this one, since it is also a pre-order device.

I'm going to be placing my order for one once I publish this.

For U.S. buyers currently in need of a new phone and not wanting to shell out too much cash, you can't beat the Moto G LTE version. $219. That's a pittance, throw in the microSD card slot and you've got what most people have been clamoring for since forever. An up to date, LTE capable, low priced phone with expandable storage. The fact that it's basically running stock Android is just the cherry on top.


Also of note, both devices (Moto E and Moto G LTE) will ship with the latest version of Android on them out of the box. That being Kit Kat (4.4.2) and the Moto E has already been slated as being guaranteed an update to the next major version of Android.

For any who are even remotely interested, I recommend going with the Moto G LTE version. Assuming you live in the U.S.


If, however, you're looking for a cheap phone for a relative who might be new to Android or prone to breaking/losing their phones or even a backup phone for emergencies when you personally break or lose your main one then I should add you could do way worse than picking up the Moto E. By which I mean, get the Moto E if you don't want to spend more for either the Moto G or Moto G LTE.

And now for pics!

Up first is the Moto E. You'll note the lack of a front facing camera, as well as the speaker placement on the bottom. (Likely due to the fact that there's no cutout on the rear side of the device for it, unlike it's older siblings.)


And then of course you have the Moto G LTE, which appears to be unchanged from the previously released version of the device.


EDIT: The minute after I hit publish the Motorola Alert app goes live in the Play Store. Although it doesn't appear to be compatible with my Moto X. Why that is I haven't the foggiest? Could be a Moto E specific app or could be that phone compatibility restrictions weren't changed or any number of reasons. I'll update if anything changes. There are of course a few screenshots of the app in action.


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