Yeah, I know it's not Wednesday but I have a very valid reason for posting this today. I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING MY FIRST VACATION IN OVER 5 YEARS!!! And my birthday is on Sunday, so that'd be why. My last day of work until next Tuesday is this Wednesday and I have no intention of doing anything that day and basically just waiting for 4:30 PM to roll around so I can slide down that dinosaur tail, punch out and get the hell outta here.

So you get your update early because I might end up passed out on a local beach or in a motel room somewhere. It's that kind of vacation/birthday weekend. One where I interact with absolutely no one (including family and friends) and just have a blast on my own.

Today I've got two apps for you.

HexaTime is up first! This app has almost nothing to it, but it's unique enough that when I discovered it this morning I knew I had to share it.

It's just a live wallpaper. I know, doesn't sound like much. Right? WRONG! It changes pretty regularly enough (and with no impact on battery life whatsoever, for me at least as of up until now but I've only been using it since 9 AM or so).

So what's special about it? The fact that it simply displays the current time and sets the wallpaper to the corresponding hexadecimal color. So it changes pretty regularly and the variation of colors is enough to keep things interesting. (Especially for those who are familiar with Muzei and apps that change regularly and work in conjunction with it.) It just looks great and it's so simple and minimal. It'll likely be my default wallpaper for some time.

But what's a post without pics, right?



And after that I've got Astonishing Comic Reader (also available in a paid HD version).

This is one of the more unique CBR readers I've seen out there, it's the first I've spotted that had built-in Chromecast support. That alone makes it worth checking out and I can vouch for it by saying it works flawlessly. (Except for when my WiFi goes down and that's AT&T's fault, not the fault of the app.)

As for the app itself, it's pretty straight forward. You can add things locally from your device to the library or you can import them from Google Drive or what have you. It recognizes CBR files and when you load them in Drive they'll open in the app and be added to the library, which is how I've been doing things. Since I have a ton of stuff saved to drive. ($10 a month for 1 TB of storage is just too sweet a deal to pass up. I have a ton stored there and I haven't even used 3% of my available free space.)


Seriously, give it a try if you read anything on your phone or tablet or if you're interested in doing similar on your TV with your Chromecast. The fact that it's a free app should make the decision to give it a try pretty easy.