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So, quite a few apps were updated yesterday, which beat out the usual Wednesday Google App Updates. Or at least they were for me on my Moto X, since I haven't seen anything reported either yesterday or so far today I'll just assume I lucked out on the updates.

As for what was updated: Google Search, Hangouts, Maps and YouTube.

If you're on a 4.3+ device you can get the Maps apk file for your device here. If you're on 4.2+, your apk file is here. Lastly, if you're on 4.0+ then yours is here.


UPDATE: The Google Camera app has also been updated. Now you can take a picture while recording a video. Get the apk here.

UPDATE 2: Google Wallet has also been updated, apk can be found here.

For those of you using a Moto X (or a handful of other Motorola phones), Motorola Connect was updated yesterday as well with a few major things being brought to the app (and the Chrome extension).

As for what the various updates were to each app, here are some screenshots from my phone with the updated change logs.


For today's app you should check out if you aren't using it already, I've recently been playing with IFTTT. That stands for "if this then that".

The app itself is a way to automate certain activities on the web and on your phone.


There are way too many recipes for me to cover all of them, so I'll just touch on a few of the ones I personally use and I leave it to each and every one of you to go to the official IFTTT site and investigate for yourselves all the recipes there (and start using some of those that are to your liking).

I like to start my mornings by knowing what the weather forecast for the day is going to be, I normally use a weather app to do that. Namely EZ Weather, which I recently recommended to 99TelepodProblems. I found a recipe though that basically puts a notification in my Notification Shade with the high and low for the day (for the city where I work and spend most of my day in). The recipe itself allows you to set the time (AM or PM) at which you receive the notification, per my preference I receive it at 7 AM (which is just shortly before I leave the house).


On top of that, I like to silence my ringer when I get to the office. To that end I found a recipe that does exactly that and the only caveat is setting the general location you want that to activate at upon entering. Mine covers the building where I work and the parking area surround it. So the moment I drive up it makes the change.

Despite checking all the Android related sites regularly, from both my phone and while on a computer, even I miss things sometimes. So I added a recipe that sends me a notification (and link) the moment Android Police post any article with an apk download (which usually means any important Google apps).


There's also a recipe that does the same thing but whenever there is a major sale on a game or app (also being shared by Android Police).

Of course, one of the highlights on any given month over on AP is the "best of the month" posts they have (usually two, one focused on apps in general and another focused on games). There's a recipe to let you know (with a link) when that's out.


Those are all the ones I'm using at the moment, there are others worth checking out and I'm sure there have been more released since I last checked when the app first dropped for Android. The important ones I need though I've mostly got covered already.

There are other apps that offer similar functionality or automation capabilities, but in general I've found them to be too difficult to setup and use for the average user. Tasker being the main one in this regard, there are guides to help you get it setup to do a great many things but it is in no way intuitive for your non-tinkering user (and even for tinkerers it can seem difficult to understand and setup). That's not too say you can't use them, but the average person wouldn't be able to make heads nor tails of the app or how to go about setting them up, so IFTTT is a natural must share in that regard. All the work for the most part is done for you. Just use/activate the "recipes" and that's it. You're set.


I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already and be sure to share any recipes you find useful or create yourself.

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