Why am I here? Why didn’t I request more days off originally? What is the meaning of life and what’s the point of having an answer if I have to be stuck at work right now? Your answers to these questions and more will not be found in this post. Mostly because that’s not the type of post this is supposed to be. : )

But since I’m back from my bday vacation I figured I’d just go ahead and do one of these today per the norm.

In no structured order whatsoever here you go.

Blackberry Venice is happening and it’ll come to all U.S. carriers

Honestly, I like the look of the phone sans the keyboard. But I know some people out there need a physical keyboard. I’d personally never use it but to each their own.

Verizon will not be part of Samsung Pay. Nobody shocked by the news.


Seriously, this isn’t news by any means. This is the same company who originally blocked Google Wallet on Verizon devices.

You know what grinds my gears about this though? That it’s so normal it doesn’t shock me. This is the kind of thing Verizon is known for doing. And you know what? They’ll keep doing it as long as people keep using them. And as long as people keep doing so that means OEMs have to put up with it. Because that’s how they’ll get their devices into the hands of Verizon customers.

Verizon is evil, people! Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. The three carriers in descending order of “if the company was given human form I’d plan its murder” to “if the company was given human form I’d probably just throttle the shit out of it but let it live”. T-Mobile didn’t make the list because T-Mobile is awesome and does awesome things like the following (and on my birthday no less).


The Ars review of the OnePlus Two is out and it’s brutal


OnePlus 2 Review - OnePlus cuts the wrong corners to stand out on a budget and I highly recommend you give it a full read.

The article itself isn’t all knocks against the phone, it commends the software on it and makes me kind of want to have the device on hand to look at for myself. That might be because the members of the Paranoid Android team who were hired on to develop Oxygen OS seem to have done some pretty remarkable work to stock Android.

The hardware though seriously appears to kill what few good things there are about the phone.


In awesome news, diff/jduck/jcase/beaups did an AMA on Android Security yesterday

You can see it here.

If you don’t know who those people are then you likely have never rooted a phone or unlocked a bootloader. But these guys are basically the who’s who of Android exploits and rooting and unlocking devices. So it’s really worth checking out for yourself if you’re into that sort of thing. Or even if you aren’t but want to just see how it works and what it is the rest of us seem to be keeping tabs on.


But I have a few items that I feel are worth sharing with all of you.



There are tons of other interesting things in there, but a lot of it seems interesting in an “I care a ton about this specific type of stuff” sort of way.

There is one thing though that made me laugh out loud. This gem below.


In Project Ara related news...


This is disappointing. On the bright side, US is getting this first? Alright, I’m happy. Even if it’s happening late.

That’s all I got for now

Not much in the way of news in the last week. Also I’m watching Dredd right now and having a love affair with a strawberry shake from Chic-Fil-A.


You can tell I have absolutely nothing to do at work, can’t you?

Oh, wait! I forgot one more thing. The next version of Android’s name has been revealed and rather than say it I’ll share a picture of the new statue gracing Google’s lawn.


And on that note, seeing as I just finished my milkshake I’m gonna get back to my movie.