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I didn’t have a set topic or any specific news for this one, folks. So you’ll get what you’ll get and it might be a jumbled mess but I’ll do my best to provide all the info I can as always.

So let’s just get to it.

Google Play Music has a fix on the way for microSD card users

I read about this earlier this morning and I can’t find a link right now, but as soon as I do I’ll update the post with it, but apparently Google Play Music deletes any music that is downloaded/pinned within the app and saved to your microSD card. It does, however, download it again. So the music isn’t totally deleted per se. This seems to be a very annoying bug and a fix is very much on the way.

Note: This doesn’t delete music you personally loaded onto your external storage, just anything you pinned from within Google Play Music.

EDIT. Okay, so it wasn’t a link or article. It was a reddit post with some info and quotes from someone at Play Music. Here’s what Play Music support had to say about the issue, just quoting the relevant part.

I’d like to first explain how music is stored for offline listening. Music files that are downloaded to a device (phone or tablet) are only downloading a cached version of song’s file, not the actual .mp3 file. This is done to help minimize the amount of space that the downloaded music takes up. This is also implemented to curb abuse of the subscription service as the download music is only accessible through the Google Play Music app for that device and account. This means that a user wouldn’t be able to download music to an SD card and then take that SD card and use it on a different device as the music is chased to that device and account.

With that said, music that has been downloaded for offline listening, either to the internal storage or SD card, should never be deleted without the user initiating the deletion. This is an actual known issue with this service. The good news is that we are aware of this issue and are actively working to get it fixed. Thanks for your effort in submitting those logs earlier, which helped make us aware of this issue.


So that’s good news. It’s also not a “this is only happening to a few people” issue. Quite a few people chimed in on the thread reporting similar experiences.

In Google Play Music related news, I’m taking requests for playlists.

I wrote about this yesterday and included a few playlists already to share with all of you. Just wanted to link to it for anyone who didn’t see it for whatever reason then though.


Google Play Music has a great feature that allows you to publicly share playlists you create. It also lets you subscribe to playlists shared by others.


If I’m not listening to podcasts via Pocket Cast then I’m usually listening to anything and everything via Google Play Music and my All Access subscription and lately I’ve been jamming to a few songs here and there from various shows most of us are into. So I figured I’d spend some time throwing together playlists with all the songs! and share them with you all to save you some trouble of putting them together yourselves.

If there’s anything you want me to throw together feel free to say so. I have a few requests to work on and some stuff I came up with on my own and it’ll take time to get through all that but it’ll get done.


Unrelated, but just wanted to share it. Here’s a quick sketch I did when I got in this morning. I’ve had “When The Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin stuck in my head for two days now and I have some other little sketches related to the song I want to do throughout the week. So expect those to pop up randomly. Maybe.


If it keeps on rainin’ the levee’s gonna break. If it keeps on rainin’ the levee’s gonna break.

Moto G (3rd Gen.) leak

I didn’t write about this as I was planning to last week due to that family emergency that popped up. But I can write about it now.


TechnoBuffalo got the early scoop and pics on the newest upcoming addition to the Motorola line of Moto phones and it looks like we have another great device on its way.


Now since nothing has been confirmed just yet take the following “info” which previously was discussed and gleamed from a number of benchmark sources (among others) with a huge grain of salt until confirmed otherwise: The phone will have a 5” 720p display, sport the Snapdragon 410 processor in conjunction with 1 GB of RAM, have a 13 MP camera and 5 MP front facing camera, 8 GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD card), and LTE support.

Pricing info hasn’t even remotely been hinted at, but speculation among myself and others has us believing it should be the same as previous models. Meaning you can expect to pick up that sleek looking device for around $179.99


Traditionally the Moto G gets released in September, so if you’re looking to pick up a new, decent phone and can wait then you only have two months to go. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure and updating accordingly as more info is released or leaked or whatever.

Speaking of rumors...

I have three more for you.

1. Motorola is working on an unlocked device that will sport a 5.5” display and have band compatibility across three of the big four carriers in the United States. (AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.) It’ll also have Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility and come with a (new) Turbo Charger (as opposed to the one currently available from Motorola). Additional info can be found via Droid Life who wrote a bit more on this mystery device. All I know is I want it. Put the Snapdragon 808 in there and I’ll snap it up in a heartbeat, even if it isn’t the next Moto X. (Although if it is the new Moto X they won’t be able to take my money fast enough!)


2. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will follow in the foot steps of the S6 and S6 Edge and also not have a microSD card slot and non removable battery. It’ll also purportedly feature the company’s “first true all-in-one solution, combining a 64-bit octa-core CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and the company’s homegrown Shannon LTE modem in a single package” according to SamMobile. All of this sounds interesting to say the least, but of course a number of incredibly vocal people online are already slamming Samsung for the lack of a microSD card slot and non user replaceable battery. (The fact that the S6 and S6 Edge broke previous pre-order records for sales, although they aren’t as high as Samsung wishes they were, kinda says it all though. Most people don’t care about either of those things.)

3. Blackberry is supposedly making their first Android OS device and it’s a looker. Among other things, which I’ll get to momentarily.


Now looking at it you might notice that the screen is curved on the sides and also not flush with the bottom grill there (which I believe houses a front facing speaker). There’s a reason for that, supposedly this phone is a slider and beneath the screen sits a physical keyboard.


Again, nothing about this phone has been confirmed in any way, shape, or form. We’ve just had a leaked pic and a lot of speculation based on observations made and noted by various people.

That leaked render though definitely shows a phone that is a real looker.

EDIT! I forgot to include one more thing we know about the phone. It is supposedly coming to AT&T in the United States, which if history is anything to go by means it’ll likely be an AT&T exclusive device. (Cause at this point in time, what Blackberry really needs to claw their way back into consumer minds is another exclusive device released to a tyrannical carrier. /sarcasm But at least they aren’t a megalomaniac like a certain other carrier. coughVERIZONcough.)


Paranoid Android 5.1 has been released!


The put up a somewhat lengthy blog post on the release, as well as provided a lot of info I highly recommend you check out if you’re into ROMing at all.

I still love PA even if I don’t use it anymore, they became my de facto recommendation for a good ROM when Cyanogen Inc. came along and started trying to screw developers who had long helped with CyanogenMod.


Sadly, the days where PA meant a really great custom ROM have passed. Now it’s mostly stock, which I’m personally okay with. The thing is a number of the PA devs have gone on to work with OnePlus. Why is this worth mentioning? Because development on regular PA will now take that much longer without them.

5.1 is available for all Nexus devices (minus the Nexus 10, as the team doesn’t have said device to test on).


There is now an official Star Wars app!

I wouldn’t be much of a geek if I didn’t share this news. It’s now live in the Play Store! And I’m excited enough about the upcoming new film that this is being installed on my phone as I write this. (Be warned: The app is 110 MB in size. So if your connection sucks or you’re on limited data just wait til you’re on WiFi to install it.)



Let’s not kid ourselves here, I know quite a few of you are installing it solely for the sound effects. I don’t blame you. That’s just too sweet a reason alone not to install the app.

Speaking of Star Wars, Star Wars: Uprising game play footage has been released!

I wrote about the upcoming game a little over a month ago, it basically takes place between The Return of the Jedi and the upcoming The Force Awakens film.


And it looks good!

On a “well, that’s interesting” note, I found basically all the 5.1 related files for various Moto X devices


I am not going to share a link to those just yet because the last thing I want is people trying to flash them and screwing up their devices. If, however, you want 5.1 on your device and are familiar with ADB then let me know your specific device and I’ll hook you up.

I’ve also found OTA update zip files for at least the EU version of the Moto X (2nd Gen.). That one is a bit easier to flash, so if anyone wants it they don’t need to know how to use ADB to do so. Just hit me up and tell me and I’ll point you to the files.


Action Launcher 3.5 was released yesterday.

It’s got a new customizable quick bar feature that looks nifty, plus a lot of other things. It’s free in the Play Store, but you’ll need to shell out $4.99 (via an in-app purchase) to unlock all the goodies.


Personally, that’s a little too rich for my blood. I like some of what you see in that video there, but I’m fully invested in Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime and I have things setup just so on my phone. So it’d take some serious persuasion on the part of someone I know who’s currently using Action Launcher to get me consider switching away from Nova. On that note, is anyone here using Action Launcher?

OnePlus 2 specs are slowly being revealed and we’ve got a “set” price.


Snapdragon 810 <- I don’t care what OnePlus says, no one has fixed the overheating issues associated with this chip and several have tried, not too mention there has been at least one revision of the chip by Qualcomm and it still overheated!

USB Type C

Fingerprint reader

4 GB of RAM <- Zoinks! That’s a whole lotta memory.

I honestly believe it’s going to end up costing $449.99. With a quote like that it’s basically a given. “See! We totally kept it under $450! So technically we didn’t lie or mislead you. If you were hoping or thinking it would be way lower then that’s on you. We never said it would, just that it would be below $450. Now who’s ready to earn an invite?!” Because as I mentioned semi recently, that (in)famous “invite to order” system is back yet again. Cause we all loved that. /sarcasm


Beyond that, not much else going on.

If I’ve missed anything worth sharing though feel free to let me know and I’ll add it to the post.