So today's Android post is a two-fer. I am going to talk about two apps worth checking out. The first one is a game and might become a semi regular part of the post, as I do tend to play a few games on my phone and often come across decent ones.

Up first is Impossible Road. First off, fuck this fucking game. Yeah, I said it! It is insane and I can't stop wanting to play more. Not in the Flappy Bird sense, this is more in the Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road sense. If you ever had the chance to play that you know what I'm talking about. Remember how well you'd be doing and then out of nowhere you'd screw up and that was it? You'd fall and then come back and then fall right away and then come back and do it again?

Same fucking thing here.

The game itself is moderately priced at $1.99 and it is definitely worth the price. It's also worth noting that just like on Rainbow Road, if you fall and can do so correctly you can avoid a horrible agonizing seemingly never ending fall/death by "landing" elsewhere. This actually kind of helps with game play, because you will fall. BUT! You can control your falls while falling.

The game play itself is easy to pick up. Steer left and right and stay on the track. Sounds simple, right? Well, prepare to hate your retarded fingers and brain for not working together to handle that easy task.

I can't talk about the game much, you just have to play it to get what I mean. Been playing since it was released yesterday, on and off mind you (cause what little sanity I have left I need to maintain). My friend saw me playing and promptly mocked me on my first fall from the word go. He then tried and said and I quote, "Fuck that game! ... I'll play it on your Nexus 7 when I get back to my house..." He knew just like I did that he wasn't going to stand to be "beaten" by some game.

And now for screenshots!


And no, that isn't my score up there. I took those from the Play Store page for the game. My current high score, achieved an hour ago here at my desk at work (since I have nothing to do today) is 13. I got that by having mad flight skills and just saying, "To hell with it! If I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall in decent spots where I can stick a landing, continue on and then fall and get further along." I mean if you can't win by playing right, might as well win by "cheating" at the game.


But even "cheating" isn't easy. Oh, you landed that landing after falling? Well, I guess it's time for you to bounce after doing so and fly right off again! Since you weren't expecting that to happen and all. Or maybe I'll make it a softish bounce and you can keep rolling down the track. Enjoy hell!

And now for EvolveSMS.

This is not just another texting app, this is one that follows the latest UI guidelines for the most part, while doing its own thing at the same time and works amazingly well.


The app itself is free, but if you want to take full advantage of custom themes and the other goodies like being able to incorporate GIFs into messages and backing them up to Dropbox and what have you, you'll have to shell out. $0.99 for custom themes and $0.99 for the full features (apart from themes). So for $1.98 you get it all, all available with an in-app purchase.

Honestly, I really enjoyed using this app. However, I have too many conversations that are Hangout messages and since Hangouts can handle SMS/MMS too, I just use that. I do have EvolveSMS installed and use it anyway though throughout the day, my friends who don't use Hangouts have all switched over to EvolveSMS though. Anecdotal obviously, but it seems to be decent enough to replace the stock messaging app for a great many people.

Also worth commenting on is that this is basically an evolution of Sliding Messenger, the previous offering by the Klinker brothers. I have been using their apps since that one and they do great work. They also provide regular updates and are responsive when issues arise (either in the appropriate G+ community or through email). That alone makes this an app worth checking out, developer support.


As for the app itself, well check out the screenshots.


And here are a few from my use of the app. So you can see some of the other stuff that isn't shown in the Play Store listing.



That last one was my first message sent after installing the app and just looking around. Lol. Yes, this is how I talk to my best friend. He does the same to me. In fact, he was the one who kept pushing me to install it. Honestly, I think it's the first app he's ever bought stuff from/for. So that's saying something in and of itself, cause he's a cheap bastard.

I highly recommend it if all you do is send and receive text and picture messages on your phone. No other messaging app even comes close to touching it in regards to look and functionality.

I was also hoping to do a piece on Javelin, a new browser that recently popped up on XDA, but Alan Henry totally scooped me on it this morning over at Lifehacker. Really fast browser for Android, feel free to check it out. You can get it from the Play Store here. For $1.99 you can also unlock the Pro version (in-app purchase) and doing so allows you to gift two copies of the Pro version to two people. Just FYI. Also there is a full Incognito only version and it's Play Store listing can be found here. Definitely give this one a go if you're not happy with your current browser or don't like using Chrome. It's really intuitive and designed for basically one hand use (thanks to gestures).