First off, apologies for posting this a day late. I haven't been sleeping at all/much and yesterday it took its toll on me. I was just a zombie at my desk at work until the afternoon, at which point I actually did actual work. Also, news on the Android related front has been relatively slow this past week. Almost no newsworthy events at all. (And seriously, you try sleeping less than twelve hours a week and see if it doesn't throw you off your game from time to time. For the record between last Wednesday til yesterday night before I finally caught some decent sleep I had slept a little less than twelve hours. So less than twelve hours in what was a week's span. I'd been sleeping so well prior to that too, which is likely why it happened. "Can't let this bastard get too used to sleep. Time to kick things up a notch. BAM!")

Of course, it's Thursday and I slept 8 hours exactly last night and so let's get this show on the road!

Xposed for Lollipop has arrived!

[insert Ron Paul "it's happening" GIF here]

You can read more about it courtesy of umataro42's post on the matter.

The long and short of it though is that Xposed is here and it's working in a fairly stable manner, which is amazing given that it was posted as being at an "Alpha" point of development.

At present it is still very much "use at your own risk/your mileage may vary" and anyone at all interested in using Xposed on Lollipop should do so accepting responsibility for doing so. If your phone explodes, comes to life and develops a huge drug habit and steals your possessions, runs off with your significant other and/or anything along those lines then that's your problem and no one else's.

Seriously though this is really amazing news. Xposed for Lollipop was already being thought of as something that likely wasn't going to happen and then out of nowhere Friday it dropped and it was off to the races!


Android 5.1 is now a thing!

For Android One users in the Phillipines that is. Although it should be stated that it will come soon to other Android One users elsewhere and then Nexus owners after that and the rest of us will get it from there, with the rumor being "soon".

"Soon" being in March. : )


So those of you who still haven't even received Lollipop, just have a bit more patience. There's no point in sending out one update only to have to start from scratch on putting together another and then sending that out almost immediately after.

I actually wrote a somewhat lengthy post on the subject (why people should be patient about upcoming/released updates) for a certain site that will currently remain nameless that hasn't gone up because of the announcement and impending release of Android 5.1. (Completely related note: When Android 5.1 drops yours truly will likely be doing a post on it for said nameless site.)

On a completely related note, I have two additional things to share.

1. We are not entirely sure what's coming with Android 5.1, but per a purported changelog leak from last year the following was promised.


You can actually read some really interesting additional details over on XDA about Android 5.1, as well as see some pics from one of the first devices running it out of the box.

Overall, it sounds like a lot of the things people have been complaining about have been addressed in this upcoming update. Not that it matters in my opinion because people will just find something else to complain about. (I will buy a hat and then eat it if one of those complaints almost immediately after the release is "Why haven't I received it yet?! FAIL GOOGLE!!!")


2. Some sites and I won't name names (although reddit called one out earlier this morning and I did take the time to comment on it in the negative along with so many others) have already started putting out clickbait articles online along the lines of "Everything we know about Android 5.1". "Nothing" is basically what they're saying. The fact that they're saying that after such a click driving title though is just awful. Don't read those links if they cross your path. It does everyone a disservice by rewarding such awful reporting.

Android Wear 5.0.2 is rolling out.

This officially started yesterday and various users using the various Android Wear devices have reported receiving the update. I've personally not seen the notification to update, but last time around I was sadly one of the last people to receive the big 5.0 based Android Wear update.


As for what the update brings, it mostly seems to be system optimizations, security updates (for performance and stability) and some Google Fit related fixes (to address syncing issues).

When I get the update and install it and poke around some more I'll report back on anything significant.

For the time being it's just too new for there to be any significant news on it.

March 1st is just around the corner.

I've been saying for awhile now that if you're in the market for a new phone then just hold out another few weeks. The M9 and S6 are both set to drop on the first of the month. I'd personally choose the M9 over the S6.


On a somewhat related note, I got to play with the Nexus 6 for most of the day this past Sunday and goddamn. It is a big phone. It is essentially the Moto X (2nd Generation) writ large. It looks exactly the same in every way, just bigger and goddamn if I didn't like it. The only negative I took away from using it Sunday was that it isn't running the Moto X software, namely all the goodies Motorola throws in on top of stock Android (like Moto Display and all that). If it had that it would be a hell of a goddamn phone. I'd pick one up in a heartbeat if it weren't for that one thing. Also the phone is not as big as people originally made it out to be. Is it noticeably big? Yes. Did it barely fit in the pocket of my jeans? Fuck yeah, but I did my laundry and wore my pants that for some ridiculous reason came with substantially decreased pocket sizes. (I can't tell you the things that have fallen out of my pockets that I'd rather not fall out of them because of how small they are. Embarrassing things. Illegal things. THINGS!) Also the phone was in a bulkier wallet folio style case, had it been in a slim hard case it wouldn't have been as bad as it felt in my pocket.

But seriously, some great phones are on the way and it's likely I will get to play with all of them. So expect reviews more than likely!

On an additional related note, reviews for the LG Flex 2 are leaving me with the sense that the phone just isn't up to snuff. Those Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 overheating/under performing issues we recently heard about seem to be true. The chip has issues and they are noticeable in the LG Flex 2. "Tisk, tisk, tisk. I was really hoping things would work out for you. You got spunk."


And since I can't find a video clip of that line from Detroit Rock City I'll have to make do with another moment from the movie that cracks me up. Satan. Santa.

And now I want to take some shrooms. : p Although the last time I did that I sat with my buddy in his driveway and unconsciously folded and shredded a napkin for like two hours while having conversations about who knows what and when I had that pointed out to me I spent half an hour just laughing uncontrollably over it, as did my buddy who pointed it out. Good times! And that's a perfect opportunity/reason to post a Queens of the Stone Age song!

That seems to be all.

I can't think of anything else worth sharing/reporting on off the top of my head. Plus it's ten minutes til lunch and I want a soda. So I'm gonna bolt out of the office and go grab a few 20 oz. Cherry Pepsi bottles to get me through the remainder of the day. And read. I feel like reading through my lunch again today.


You all know what to do if you've anything to say or ask or what have you. Post it below. : )

EDIT! I just discovered Dairy Queen makes a red velvet cake Blizzard. I had to actually meet my boss during my lunch hour, so I picked up DQ (#2 double meat Belt Buster with cheese, bacon and pickles) on my way back to the office for what became a late lunch and I saw that on the menu. It looked delicious and I was starving and am an addict for Blizzards. (My mom worked at DQ when she was pregnant with me and says she'd basically make sure when she was at work, after I was born mind you, someone would bring me by so I could get a Blizzard and she's regretted it ever since because if she mentions DQ I just retort with, "Bring me a Blizzard." For the official record, my favorite type of Blizzard is M&M's and Oreo's. Yes, you can tell them to mix whatever you'd like. I learned this as a kid and have done it ever since. DELICIOUS in all capital letters!)


It is indeed as delicious as its name sounds. Red Velvet Cake Blizzard. My poor, poor arteries. The only miracle is that I don't gain weight despite all the horribly unhealthy food I eat.