I honestly can't remember when I last did one of these. I know I skipped last week's for sure. Life and work got in the way and aside from commenting here and there I wasn't online much.

So I'm back at my desk today and officially free to do this again.

Today I don't think I'll cover any apps, but some really interesting news and developments in the world of Android.

Sprint/T-Mobile merger is officially off! This one might not be a big deal to a great many, especially foreign readers, but Sprint was rumored to be trying to buy T-Mobile (yet again). That would take the U.S. carrier count from four to three (not counting the smaller MVNOs of which there are a fuckload apparently), naturally the FCC had some serious issues with this and made its intent clear to look at the situation and potentially block the sale if need be. AT&T tried this less than a year ago and lost a pretty penny when the sale was blocked as part of the agreement for the potential buyout. The rumor mill had it that John Legere was going to remain in charge as CEO of whatever came from the possible sale, which was basically the only good news I personally found in any of this "might be sold" stuff. A more entertaining and down to earth CEO I've yet to see. (I mean the guy will personally contact you on Twitter to discuss any issues you're having. That's just awesome! He's even favorited one of my tweets! Lol. Silly I know, but it's awesome knowing I made his radar even if only in passing and for a second.) So looks like us T-Mobile users are saved from the shittiness that is Sprint. (Where I live their service is absolutely awful. That might not apply to all of you, but here it's true. Everyone goes to them because they're a name everyone knows and trust, but when people get fed up with their outrageous bills and switch to someone like T-Mobile the move blows their minds. "Did you know the internet is fast?!" When my mom switched she called me the next day from work to tell me that. She works in a government building and gets LTE speeds in it, despite it being a government building which translates to "no signals shall pass through our walls".)

Moto X will get Android L update! Booyah! Yeah, I said that. It's that awesome of a thing to hear and as such deserves a "booyah". This one I don't have a link to right now, but basically someone posted on the Moto X Google+ community and asked if it'd be receiving the update. Motorola's VP of Product Management, Punit Soni, whose word you can take to the goddamn bank, dropped in to share a response to the question. A very simple, "Yup." All I, and a few of you Odeckers who also own the device, need to know.

LG G Watch charging cradle is now in the Play Store! This might not seem like big news, but it really is. After the numerous issues people reported with their Samsung Gear Lives and charging them, people wondered if we'd be able to get replacement chargers for the LG G Watch. Up until this happened the answer was a definitive "no". Looks like that is no longer the case and at only $19.99 it is a great buy to have an extra one around the house or at the office or wherever. (Hell, you could even have one of these in your car if need be.)


In related news, I'd given an update on my G Watch saying it was no longer turning on. I fixed that. Not by taking it in or having it replaced, but by being my usual self and not wanting to admit defeat. Turns out there was nothing wrong with my charger or the watch itself. The surge protector I have in my room, one of them at least, had a few plugs go bad and stop working. That was it. So it was no longer giving power to the LG charger. Easy fix, just plugged it in elsewhere and it fired up like nothing.

Speaking of Android Wear devices....

The Moto 360 has had some significant leaks! Where to start, where to start. So it will be charged wirelessly, has IP67 water resistance (please people, water RESISTANCE does not mean waterproof... far too many confuse the two), a heart rate sensor, pedometer (naturally enough) and very good battery life (based on pre-release software at least). A lot of that has been confirmed by pics of the device itself and that last thing has come from someone who has had early access to the device and stated he managed to go 2.5 days on a charge. DAYUMMMM!


But what good is some Moto 360 info without pics, amirite? So I'll share a few and do some break downs on each one.


That there is the Moto 360 sitting in its charging cradle. As you can see for yourself it looks gorgeous even while it's just charging. I mean look at it! Some of you might note the black cut off part on the left side there. That's normal and likely how it will appear on models released to consumers. Why? Because that black area on the left there is where the drivers for the device are. There's been a lot of complaints and the usual fuss over this by people. "The renders didn't show that! Rabble rabble rabble!" But I think people overlook one important thing about the leaks before, they were renders of the device. RENDERS. Which translates to "not official pictures of an actual working device".

And in this picture here we can see some of the stuff I mentioned above. The "wireless charging" and "pedometer" and "heart rate sensor". You'll also note the clear lack of charging pins or anything of the sort. I mean that and the whole "wireless charging" thing really give it away as to how this will charge. Through magic!


is it just me or does that almost look like a speaker in the middle there? I'm not saying it has one, but that's what I'm reminded of. Seems interesting. I can't wait to see what that is or isn't.

And last but not least we've got a picture of the Moto 360 next to the LG G Watch. Anyone want to buy my G Watch? Cause it now feels like I own a hunk of plastic and randomly strap it to my wrist. At least it feels that way after seeing the pic of the two side by side. Goddamn that Moto 360 is a sleek beast. Also, it's worth noting that it doesn't seem significantly bigger than the G Watch. Random stills from a video a few months ago made the device seem huge even on guys' wrists. It looks to be about the same size though as the G Watch. Maybe a little shorter in height and thicker in width, but that's acceptable.


HOLY SCHNIKEYS! THERE ARE MORE PICS! Oh no, I can't spoil them by sharing them here. See them for yourselves!


All I know is I want one!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Pictures of cats? Post 'em below and let's get to discussing and rumor trading!