I hate when we have Mondays off because it basically throws off the rest of my week. Right now I was sitting here wondering why I’m getting so many Pushbullet allerts for Google Inc. apk related updates from APK Mirror and it clicked, it’s Wednesday! There hasn’t been much news this week, but last week there was enough after my weekly post that I can now write about.

But first I have something to force all of you through.

I’ve had that song in my head since Saturday and I’ll be damned if I’m going to have that lovely ear worm in there all alone. If I’m going down I’m taking everyone with me! Let the record show I’ve been listening almost non-stop to July Talk for going on over three weeks now. No clue why, but I’m in love with every single one of their songs. I highly recommend all of them, but the other ones in my head lately have been Paper Girl and Summer Dress. (And of course The Garden and Guns + Ammunition are staples of “things you’ll hear bangishotyou singing LOUDLY around the house at random on any given day”.) I for one have officially forgiven Canada for Justin Beiber thanks to them giving me July Talk. Canadians, you’re all forgiven!

And now it is time to get this show on the road.

Google Search has been massively updated!

For those unaware, Google has updated their logo and naturally that has resulted in various Google apps being updated to showcase the new Sans Serif look of things.


The change itself rolled out a week ago today to the Google Search (and thus Google now) app as well. (For those who haven’t seen the update for whatever reason can pick it up from here. Don’t know what version you need? Just ask and myself or someone else will help you out.)


You can see how things look in a few quick screenshots below.


Yes, I know I go through seemingly a different wallpaper every time I post a screenshot. Icon pack as well. What do you want from me?! I have a problem! I’m using the new Fresh Icon Pack ($0.99) by Stealthychief on my homescreen, before anyone has to ask. It’s actually really sweet looking, if currently rather limited in apps it themes. However, it’s focusing on popularity over requests. So popular apps are getting themed before anything else, or even before they start taking requests to be honest.

So there you have it. Not really much to write about. It’s just a new look based on the new logo.


No weekly post will be complete between now and THE BIG DAY without Nexus related news

Yet again more pics have leaked of the upcomoing LG made Nexus. I’m not calling it a Nexus 5 until that is confirmed as its name. In pre-birth a device does not have a name. In death we can go ahead and just call it Robert Paulsen.


Images from AndroidPit, obviously.

And for the sake of reminding you all yet again about the specs: Snapdragon 808, 3 GB of RAM, 5.2” 1080p display, 16 and 32 GB internal storage, 2,700mAh non-removable battery, and will be available in white, black, and blue.


Plus we’ve still got that official but not official September 29th announcement date that was first reported by CNET.

Everyone excited about this damn phone, please, raise their hands. [puts up hand]

Ohai, Pandora is having a “Listener Love Day” today.

You get ad free music today! And you get ad free music today! And everyone gets ad free music and bees today!


I’m kidding about the bees thing. Not the ad free music though.

Pandora is celebrating the fact that they’ve been around for a decade. Holy shit, they’ve been around for a decade?! I’d ask where I’ve been for the past decade because I honestly don’t remember them having been around for that long but there are some pretty sizable gaps in the past decade for me. Don’t ask questions. You don’t want to be called upon as a witness against me in court some day.


Also, they’re introducing a new Pandora One Day Pass.

What is a Day Pass? Everyone here who doesn’t use Pandora raise their hand. [raises hand] Well, for people like me that’s a pass where you pay $0.99 for the day to have 24 hours of ad free streaming music. So if you don’t care for Pandora for whatever reason (i.e. you’ve used it and despite giving a thumbs down to certain songs they end up playing anyway on stations they shouldn’t have ever played on in the first place!) but the people in your life refuse to let you introduce them to anything else (because they’re dinosaurs who refuse to change!) then you can go with that option in lieu of paying the monthly fees for a service you’ll make almost no use of. Pandora Day Passes officially launch tomorrow, which is September 10th for those who are as calendar challenged as I am.


Of course I have an argument borrowed and prepared in my own defense of why I suck at keeping track of time. “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so.”

Moto X Force!


Before anyone feels the need to make jokes, myself and two others on reddit already beat you to them.

This isn’t a Liefield X-Force because it doesn’t have any pouches. Then again you can’t see its feet...

I’d link to the GSM Arena report mentioned in the post but basically what you see in the screenshot is what it says, that and the price tag of around $628.


That’s all for today cause I’m gonna go play DuckTales Remastered

Finally got the WiFi in the office working again and that 30 Mbps down connection is perfect for downloading games I’ve purchased and getting to play them rather quickly.

If anything interesting pops up throughout the day and before I leave I will add it below this part of the post.


Everyone take care and always remember: The world would be a much better place if ferrets were allowed to just do their things all around us at will. Sure, we’d all be losing things rather quickly but imagine the treasures we’d find when we discovered each ferret’s respective stash spots!