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Wednesday Android Update - Late Edition - Javelin Browser

Hello, hello, hello. So first off apologies for doing this late, I meant to do it yesterday separately from my Moto G LTE Review, unfortunately I was in a really bad car accident during my lunch. My truck is a total loss. I am fine, before anyone inquires. I banged my arms on the steering wheel, shrugged it off and did the usual call the cops and wait around routine. (Luckily the accident was down the road from both my work and the local police department, which conveniently houses the fire department and EMT people.)

Suffice it to say though that I was pumped from the adrenaline rush of the crash and I pretty much called it a day at that point. Thus no post like there should have been had I come back like normal from lunch.

Today I bring you Javelin Browser. This one popped up some time back on the XDA Portal page and I just couldn't resist checking it out. (Have I mentioned before I love beta testing apps?)


It's another browser, that's putting it as simply as possible. It's another browser that is lightweight, brings a ton of interesting and useful features with it is putting things more accurately though.

This browser is focus on speed. It loads fast. It also is really focused on gestures. Want to jump to another tab? Two finger swipe this way or that way. Might seem like more work than necessary, but when you start opening up multiple tabs it is incredibly useful.

It's also got a built in ad blocker. Ads? Ain't nobody got time for that!

It's got VPN capabilities, you can either use your own or use the one provided within the app. (For a monthly fee of $1.99 if memory serves me correctly.)


And so on and so forth. This is one that you really have to check out yourself to grasp just how much it can do. Seriously though, don't skip the tutorial. It shows you all it can do and helps you get things setup just so.

Screenshot time!


And yes, that is what you see at the top of the screen here. Fuck football. Long live futbol! I might be American, but I find football boring. But have you ever sat down and watched a good soccer game? HOLY SHIT! Don't watch it in English though, beyond dull. If you can I highly recommend catching any soccer game in Spanish, no one does the announcing like Spanish announcers. If you speak Spanish then you can also catch it in any of the similar languages. The announcers are just as awesome.

Also, WORLD CUP! Any soccer fans here? Who are you rooting for? Brazil is still one of the teams playing the opening games, right? Meh. I'll find out shortly.


Holy schnikeys! First game is today! Brazil and Croatia on ESPN at 3 PM! Thank goodness I've got the afternoon off! Woohoo!


There's also this nifty "reading" feature. That eye you see in the first screenshot. Just tap that and it'll take the information on the page and clean it up and present it in a "I only want to read the following" format. Very elegant.


Beyond that, nothing you won't find/see for yourselves. This is slowly overtaking Chrome as far as my daily browser of choice. It's just faster, has no ads ruining my browsing experience and is really built around simplicity. Throw in the fact that it's got the gestures which kind of help focus on one handed use. It's really great! I highly recommend checking it out.

Added bonus, if you buy the Pro version, which goes for $1.99 if I remember correctly, the developer has made it so you can gift two copies of the pro version to whoever. Irae Nichole and Captain Max and JINX were the two I ended up giving those copies to after I did a post awhile back asking for guinea pigs. So hopefully they can chime in here and let you all know if they're enjoying this one.


No big Google app updates yesterday. Voice and YouTube got some minor updates, nothing of any real significance or even worth sharing links to. Just wait for them.

And that's all I got for you kids today. Sorry, but dealing with the insurance and rental and all that. So I'm kind of distracted and not really up for doing a lengthier post covering another app or two. That's the best I can do today. Next week I'll try and come up with something better for you all.


BONUS! Throwing this in here because 1. Geico is my insurance company and so far they are kicking ass in being helpful with the situation I'm going through and 2. this commercial is exactly what I'm talking about when I say Spanish speaking soccer announcers kick ass.

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