Not gonna beat around the bush today, just gonna jump right into things.

The third generation Moto G has likely leaked in full

I’d previously shared some pics, but just wanted to share those two so you can see what it’s going to look like. Normally I’m not a fan of white phones but for some reason I like the look of the white Moto G over the black one.

Now, take this with much less of a grain of salt than I’d normally recommend but the specs have purportedly leaked from Digitec, a Swiss retailer, and while normally I’d link to the site itself it appears the page is now gone. To me that says quite a bit. But about those specs, are you all ready for them?


The phone is going to have a 5” 1080p display, stereo sound, 2,070mAh battery, a Snapdragon 615 processor, Adreno 405 CPU, 2 (!) GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD), 13 MP rear facing camera and 5 MP front facing camera, and come with Lollipop (likely 5.1) out of the box.

Additionally, per the leaked photo above from Mobile Syrup, the phone will come with a rating of IPX7. For those unaware of what that means, it’s waterproof. More specifically waterproof in up to 1 meter of water (a little over three feet for those of us raised on the U.S. standards of measure) for up to thirty minute. (Keeping in mind that you really shouldn’t take this phone with you into the pool. Just because it’s waterproof doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do that, it’s still an electronic device. Think of this more as a “if some jerk shoves you into the pool then your phone will be fine” or “if you get caught in a ridiculous downpour then same thing” type of thing.)


As for price, well, that hasn’t leaked yet but all info I’ve seen is saying “roughly the same as previous models”. It’s very possible it might be just slightly more expensive, but not so much as to make it a “don’t buy” for most people.

Of course all this could be wrong for all we know, that said I don’t think any of it is. Either way we’ll find out for sure one way or another come next Monday, which is when Motorola should be unveiling the device, and of course I’ll be doing a write-up about it next Wednesday for the usual weekly post.

The back story for the Huawei Nexus

Android Authority recently put up a piece about the Huawei Nexus titled “Huawei and Google: it’s more than just the Nexus”, you can read the piece if you’d like or you can just read my Cliff Notes version of it, a lot of which I’ve previously stated myself, and some additional thoughts on it from myself to further explain things.


Huawei is poised to break out. Full stop. Lol. Seriously, that’s basically the gist of that not quite lengthy but not that short article.

They’re a known name in China but outside of the country they’re not really known, or at least not known for making worthwhile phones. Heck, up until this past year I knew them as “the company that makes those really cheap phones that the carriers give out for free cause of how awful they are pretty much”.

The company though has a pretty sizable chunk of the smartphone market, coming in third after Apple and Xiaomi. Or at least they were until Lenovo, a rival, purchased Motorola. At which point Huawei slipped to fourth.


And here’s where Huawei and Google each has something the other wants. Huawei has name recognition in a country that is closed off to Google and on top of that they have influence in said country. Google knows the U.S. market and has the ability to shine a serious light on Huawei’s ability as a company to produce a high end smartphone, which isn’t something they’re known for mind you.

Basically, they can both open doors for one another. Huawei gives Google access to the Chinese market (among others), Google gives Huawei access to the U.S. market.

Also, apparently Huawei is a leader in LTE Network Infrastructure and that’s definitely something worth paying attention to on Google’s part, especially given as Project Fi is officially a thing in the U.S. at least. That on top of their various projects to get internet access to those who currently don’t have it, like Project Loon. (See clip below for an explanation on Project Loon and what it entails.)

And Project Loon is slowly but surely getting better, they’ve now gotten it to a point where a single balloon can provide internet access to an area the size of Rhode Island while remaining the air for more than six months.


Honestly, all of these are really interesting things when looked at overall and together. They’re definitely great reasons for both companies to work closely together on the upcoming Nexus. It’s still being poised as likely that should there in fact be two Nexus devices this year then the Huawei made one will be the higher end model. Whether it will be budget friendly is another thing entirely. Previously it was thought that the Huawei made version would be the cheaper device between it and LG’s offering

Lines, an icon pack which I was just reminded of thanks to the Kinja format up top


Lines ($1.49), by Nate Wren, puts “flat minimalist icons” on your device. It is also available for free, albeit with ads if I remember correctly, slightly slower updates, and only 75% of the icons and wallpapers found in the paid version.

You can see a small example above as is currently setup for the icons on my home screen. Yes, before any of you ask, that is in fact a ferret I drew rather quickly yesterday (was it yesterday? man I suck with time and remembering what I do on any given day) on a Post-It. (Inspired by this post here. Or you can click this link instead if you just want to skip right to the pic that inspired the drawing.) You all know I love ferrets, so of course I drew one.

It’s a great icon pack if you really want to showcase your wallpaper on your homescreen, albeit ones where it’s not as obvious that there are even icons there at all. Which the pic I took of my drawing doesn’t allow for given the color of the desk, made all the darker by the shadow I was casting on it.


Check out the icon pack if you’re so inclined. It’s one of the go to packs for most of /r/androidthemes.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones is currently on sale!

Somehow I’ve yet to play this game, despite having received it for free thanks to Playstation credit on my PS4. But currently it is on sale (across various countries) for only $0.60 in the Play Store. I should add that that is for only the first episode. If you want the remaining four you can buy the individually in-app, although I’d suggest you just pay for the Season Pass to get them all as it’ll save you $5 overall.


Google Maps now has a Timeline feature

And hot damn is it neat!



And holy crap, I just looked at my Timeline for yesterday and I am so freaking glad that only you can see your Timeline. There are pictures in there that definitely are “no bueno” and let’s just leave it at that. Lol. Also, I only just now realized how out of my way I had to go yesterday evening when I went for a drive to relax and couldn’t take my preferred route back home due to the expressway being closed for construction.

If you haven’t received the update yet you can go ahead and grab (and install) the apk file from here.

And that’s all I got today because I am so tired

My insomnia is acting up again. After almost two weeks of sleeping six hours a night (not that I slept well given all the nightmares I had those two weeks) I’m back to sleeping less than three hours a night and I’m feeling it lately, which is pretty unusual in and of itself. Me being affected by lack of sleep? Get outta town! I was so tired that I ate my lunch in five minutes and then came back to my desk, threw on my headphones and my The Bronx playlist, cranked it up (so everyone could get a hint to fuck off and leave me be), and fell right to sleep. Started it from “History’s Strangler’s” and I vaguely remember hearing “Dirty Leaves” before waking up slowly during “Knifeman”. If you listen to the songs between all those you’ll be surprised I managed to fall asleep at my desk listening to that. I mean completely dead to the world for almost an hour while listening to The Bronx with in-ear headphones at full blast. That’s gotta be downright almost impossible.


So on that note, barring any really great or breaking news happening between now and when I leave consider this post complete as is.

Edit. Oh yeah, check out the cool turtle my mom got me on her recent trip out of town!


It doesn’t look like that, but my room is relatively dark and the light on my ceiling fan needs replacing. So I had to turn my flash on and thus it looks much lighter (and whiter in some areas) than it actually is.

It’s neat, right? I freaking love it. My mom’s awesome! And also old! Today’s her birthday and I’ve been teasing her all day. If I show up with a walker for her at home though like I joked I would I am certain she’d beat me to death with it.

And on that note, that is officially all for the day.

UPDATE! Holy schnikeys, Qualcomm is laying off 15% of its full time workforce!

This one has been in the rumor mill since last week, but the rumor had the number pegged at 10%. So this is both higher and even more surprising. Although not that surprising.


First off, Samsung switched from using Qualcomm’s chipsets to their own in-house Exynos processor and brand. Samsung being as big as they are and moving as many smartphones as they do definitely made them a sizable customer of Qualcomm’s, leaving them completely likely affected their overall sales and profits.

Secondly, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 has just been flat out bad. I’ve heard from some people that the revised 810 isn’t that bad. Or at least was made less bad than was initially reported with several updates (to at least the software controlling things in the version found in the HTC M9), but given the initial reports of how hot the chip would get and how much worse it performed than lesser chips once throttling kicked in to combat the heat it was pretty much done for from that point on. Several OEMs have flat out passed on the 810 and instead gone with lesser offerings to avoid the issues altogether.

On top of that Qualcomm has been facing serious competition from companies like MediaTek, who produce chips that can get phone prices down to as little as $50 in some parts of the world.


All those things combined naturally took their toll on the company as we’re seeing based on this reduction-in-force (RIF, thank you Tom Clancy for having originally taught me that term)

UPDATE 2! Iconic Themes for Android is back!

I wrote about Iconic Themes previously, but sadly due to some serious issues between how Google handles things in the Play Store and communicates with developers the icon packs by Iconic Themes can no longer be found in the Play Store.


Having spoken with the developer shortly after the issues arose after they were removed from the Play Store I learned he was going to be doing things away from Google. Basically run everything from his own website and avoid Google entirely for distributing his icon packs. I saw an early preview at that point, which I thought looked great and the site went live a short while back but life just got in the way and I forgot to report on it.

But it’s here now and it looks good to me! Definitely give it a look if icon packs are your thing. Also, fair warning, he’s got some new stuff in the works and on the way which should be pretty great and look good on our devices.

For additional info be sure to check the Google+ community and the pinned post that you should see right at the top.


UPDATE 3! The purported front of the third generation Moto X has supposedly leaked!

Yeah, I’m sold! It’s going to supposedly have a 5.5” display. Rumor also has it that a Moto X Sport version will be released featuring a smaller 5.2” display.