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Wednesday Android Update: Lollipop OTA Updates and more!

Alright, so I officially got my Lollipop Review out of the way, which I hope you all appreciate. I took the plunge so you all wouldn't have to be hit with any surprises should you all receive it any time soon.

On that note, there is some seriously good news for some of you in regards to "I can haz Lollipop?" OTA updates.


First and foremost, Motorola is killing it lately. First soak tests for the Moto X 2014, which took place between Friday and last night, and the same for the Moto G 2014, albeit a day later in regards to its start. Today, the Lollipop update is officially rolling out to all!


Speaking of updates, any Nexus 7 (2012) owners read these posts? Congratulations, you're "you have to flash it yourself" update to Lollipop can be found here. (Now I need to find where the hell in my bestie's room my Nexus 7 2012 is.).

Oh snap! Right after writing that part the news broke that OTA updates have started for the Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2012 and 2013), 9 and 10. I say, "Goddamn what a rush!"

As soon as OTA links are captured for the update I'll update the post accordingly with said links. (Including telling you all how to sideload the update. It is far easier than you'd think.)


In related news LG has started their own soak test for the LG G3 over in Poland.

Speaking of Lollipop Updates, there's been a Material one for one Google app and the release of a new one entirely.


Anyone who wants the latest update to the Google Keyboard (which features Material Design themes!) can grab the apk from here.


There's also been the release into the Play Store of the new messaging app from Google, Messenger.


Click that link and get your Messenger on, unless you prefer to stick with Hangouts like I decided to do sometime back. One app to pull double duty, cause I hate having to switch apps to send text messages and respond to Hangout messages.

The app itself literally is nothing more than what you see on the left there.

It is very much just a new texting app. Your SMS and MMS can be sent via the app, although they can also be sent via your current texting app or even Hangouts.


Why Google is releasing another app to do what two others offered by them can already do is beyond me. Apparently there was confusion from users about Hangouts doing both, as well as push back on the part of the carriers. Namely, they couldn't screw over customers by charging them for every SMS/MMS sent if they switched over to the data-use only Hangouts app. Of course that's all just hearsay at this point, but meh. Whatevs.

On the bright side, the app itself looks phenomenal.

Speaking of Google related news/updates, YouTube Music Key is official!

For those unfamiliar with what that is, think Google Play Music but done on YouTube. Two places to do essentially the same thing.


Apparently a lot of people just listen to music via YouTube over any of the other options out there. To the point that this is now a thing and thus another way to listen to music from Google.

For the low initial price of $7.99 you'll be able to listen to full albums, enjoy background playback, offline viewing (of videos) and absolutely no ads. NO ADS ON YOUTUBE!

After the initial signup period the price will go up to $9.99 though. You can sign up for the waiting list to join this bandwagon here.


Oh yeah, Google Play Music subscribers will get access to this separate but nearly equal offering on top of what they already pay for. So basically if you pay for Google Play Music then you'll get this too at no extra charge.


Did you hear that? That was the sound of me laughing heartily and smugly because as a Google Play Music All Access subscriber (try saying that five times fast) I get access to the beta of this.

For you All Access subscribers, check your YouTube app on your devices. You should have access to it already. Or at least I do already. [rubs hands together eagerly] I guess I'll have to check it out here in a bit further.


And that is officially all I have for you today. If anything else interesting is announced or drops I'll update the post accordingly.

I'm officially spent as far as writing anything more today goes!

On that note I leave you all with this bitchin' tune by Social Distortion known as "Ball and Chain".

If anyone plays guitar and digs that song be sure to give it a go/look up the tabs. It's an incredibly easy song to jam along to and the solo is a piece of cake to get down in no time flat.


Completely related note, why aren't all the Social Distortion albums on Google Play Music?! I count only 4 (the other one on there is the non-Deluxe version of one of the others).

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