I love dilly dallying, it's my thing. That said I was gonna just not do one of these this week cause nothing exceptionally mind blowing was taking place in Android related news. I mean, you know what they say? No noose is good noose.

And yes, I totally just wanted to work Robin Hood: Men In Tights somehow into this post. Thus the quote!

But suffice it to say enough news dropped out of seemingly nowhere this morning (or that I forgot was going to drop better said) and so I knew I had to do a post.

How to get Google Fiber anywhere!

This one I bring to you courtesy of Gigaom and to put things as simply as possible using a quote from Milo Medin, VP of Access Services at Google Fiber, "If you make it easy, we will come. If you make it hard, enjoy your Time Warner Cable."


Although it's fair to say that the responsibility for getting Google Fiber is up to people living in cities who want it, who in turn must tell their elected officials what they want and roughly how to go about procuring it, it really bares stating that companies like Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and others have essentially bought the laws currently in place to prevent companies like Google (or even local municipalities) from just moving in and starting up their own ISP services. I wish I was joking about that. Sadly, I'm not.

Republicans, and I'm calling them specifically out because they're the ones largely responsible for such laws being put in place in the first place (and you can guess at whose request that's taking place), have put laws in place in 19 states that make it pretty fucking hard for cities and towns to even attempt to offer internet service to their own residents.

Efforts are being made to overturn those laws though.

Of course you've also got members of a certain nameless party (coughRepublicanscough) trying to sink the Net Neutrality vote before it's even taken place, which would also be good for things like Google Fiber (and by good I mean Google's come out and said "net neutrality isn't a bad thing" and so has Sprint and T-Mobile and basically everyone who actually cares about consumers).


So I mean really, it's anyone's guess how everything will turn out at the end of the day. Google Fiber for all? Miniature American flags for others! (Courtesy of whoever the one or two ISP providers you can pick from, assuming you have a choice of more than one. I know I don't. Hooray Ma Bell's baby, AT&T!)

And I'm calling it now, first person to post a comment saying Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the internet (looking at you Ted Cruz, because I personally know just how stupid you can be) or that this is a ploy by Obama to lock up the internet and tax it to hell and make everyone pay an arm and a leg for internet access I'm just gonna dismiss the comment or comments.

Moving on!

There be a new Chromebook Pixel on the horizon!


That's right, folks. The Google Chromebook Pixel is due for a refresh relatively soon according to Google.

For those who don't remember or even know what the Chromebook Pixel was/is, it's a Chromebook that is the Chromebook to beat as far as looks, screen and everything goes. It's also got a price tag that is second to none, but when you want the best Chromebook on the market (or did when it was released) then you knew it was going to cost you.

It had a touchscreen and a high-resolution 2560-1700 display, things that were almost unheard of at the time, and which largely pushed developers to add support for both to their websites.


I suppose the best way to put it for people who read these posts is that the Pixel is essentially the Nexus of Chromebooks. Hell, I think Ars covered it pretty well with what they titled their review of the Pixel, "Review: Chromebook Pixel is too expensive (and too good) for Chrome OS". Seriously, give that a read if you want to know just how amazing the device was and even still is to a degree, even if it is showing its age by now (it did come out almost two years ago).

Also calling it now, I don't care what it cost, I am eventually picking up the updated Pixel. I thought it was phenomenal the first time around, but the price was "too rich for my blood". But I'm in need of a laptop and I'd love to own a Chromebook, which I've still yet to pick up. I know, BehindDarkGlasses. I know, I'm a bad bear. A very bad ol' bear.


Everyone here who doesn't love Butters can get out!

Butters Leopold Stotch is the best! Not only can he take down people with his tap dancing, but he's also been "ungroundable" and Professor Chaos. Even if while the latter all he managed to accomplish was plots previously used by The Simpsons, still more than most of us will do.

But by gosh he's awesome! And there are few things that crack me up as much as hearing him say he's "a very bad ol' bear".


What the heck was I talking about? Ah yes, new Pixel! So yeah, it's happening soon. Although no word has been given as to an official date. Of course the first one did get announced (and given away, those lucky bastards) at IO 2013 and IO is pretty much right around the corner (it's in May). So who knows, maybe we'll see it in three months. That gives this bad ol' bear plenty of time to scratch together some cash for it.

Android Wear 5.0.2 should have rolled out to most by now

I know I received the update Monday afternoon but didn't install it at work because my battery was too low. I completely forgot to install it when I did get home, so I was abruptly awoke in the wee hours between Monday and Tuesday to this insane light show that freaked me out in my still half asleep daze. For a moment I thought, "Shit, I've finally done it. I finally took too much and my brain has called it quits." Until I realized it was my Moto 360 rebooting because of the update.


Also, it's worth noting that this was the first Android Wear update I've personally received that installed itself. None of the others did that, I manually had to install them. So neat and weird.

The Moto E has been officially updated for 2015 and goddamn!

There'd been a few leaks and rumors about the new Moto E and it looks like they were all true.


First off, the new Moto E is running a quad-core Snapdragon processor and guess what that brings to the table for this updated device? LTE, baby! LTE! The screen itself has also been revamped aka "embiggened" and comes in at 4.5" (albeit still a qHD screen, which means nothing to most of you I am sure). There's a front facing camera, a 2,390mAh battery and oh yeah Lollipop out of the box! *swoons* Oh, that's Lollipop with Motorola's kickass array of software tweaks and apps on top of it. More specifically, Moto Display and the Quick Capture Camera. Both of which were previously found only on the flagship Moto X. So basically this is a baby Moto X.

The price? Are you ready for this? Cause I don't think you are. You should probably take a seat. No, seriously, take a seat. You're about to be blown away.



Yes, you read that correctly. $150 basically. $150 gets you a smaller Moto X. That is fucking insane!


As for specs, let's just get those covered to. So to be more specific, the chip running the whole shebang is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor (with a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU) combined with an Adreno 306 400 MHz GPU. There's 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of (internal) storage. It's worth pointing out that I'm not seeing anything yet as to whether or not this device has a microSD card slot or not. The device itself is a 4.5" handset, so it's just slightly smaller than the Moto X (2013). It does not have NFC support built-in. Meaning no tap to pay capabilities or anything like that. Bluetooth and WiFi are a given, as they damn well should be at this point in time. That goes the same for GPS, along with sensors for two accelerometers, ambient light, proximity and a sensor hub. EDIT: Oh yeah, this uses a micro SIM card. So if you don't have a relatively new device and do want this phone then you're likely going to have to get a replacement SIM card that'll fit in it. Those micro ones are tiny.

UPDATE! A microSD card slot is present on the device. Per Ars Technica's hands on with the device. Also, per my own experience with the previous generation model of this and the Moto G LTE it will likely officially support microSD card slots of 32 GB. (Yes, to the inevitable people who will say they have 64 GB cards in their devices, it can work with those. Except if there's any issue you're on your own! Motorola, again, officially states that only 32 GB microSD cards are supported.) It is possible that might not be the case per this device (since it is an updated model, but until such time as I hear otherwise from a trusted source I won't speculate as to whether larger microSD cards will be officially supported or not.)


The phone itself will be available in any color you'd like, so long as it's black or white. : ) Although it will feature "removable Motorola bands", which will be avialable in Golden Yellow, Turquoise, Blue, Raspberry, Purple, and Red. Motorola Grip Shells, which were found on the Moto G originally, will also be available in all those same colors except for purple and red.

It's also worth pointing out that the phone will be available in three variants. Moto E with LTE (US GSM aka XT1527), Moto E (US GSM aka XT1511) and Moto E (Global GSM aka XT1505). The important numbers are those XT ones, as they specifically tell you what device you own and that tends to be location specific.


If you want to read a bit more on it then hop on over to Motorola's official blog and hit up the "Choose to start your mobile journey with the new Moto E" post.

Also, for the record, not sure when this bad boy is going on sale, but you can rest assured I'll definitely be picking one up once it's available and doing a review on it. I am beyond intrigued and already told my mom she'd be getting a new phone relatively soon. Although her response was, "I'm still paying off my old one. Just give me money and I'll buy a new outfit." Mothers. I swear. She complains my phone is better than hers and when I offer to get her a new phone she says "nah, I'm good". Sigh.

UPDATE! The phone is officially on sale. However, there is a slight delay between buying and when it reaches your hands. Official link to the phone's product page.


You can also see a few of the accessories being sold for the device and their respective costs.


Side note: It is very likely I'll be picking up on of these over the weekend, if I do then I should have it before next weekend and at that point you can expect a review of the device as is. (Minus throwing my SIM card in it, since I have the Moto X 2nd Generation and all.)

And now I've got "I want my Moto E" in my head sung in the same manner as "I want my MTV" (from the Dire Straits song "Money for Nothing").

Motorola should hire Sting to sing that and then cut me a check (or just give me that phone) for giving them that amazingly brilliant idea!


Update! Official unboxing and tour video!

Brought to you via Droid Life.

And that's all cause I have to run!

I mean that literally. I've gotta run out of the office (in a vehicle) to deliver some stuff to one of my bosses for some Space X related meeting.


Oh, haven't I mentioned that? The company I work for is apparently involved in the South Texas Space X stuff. (I believe we were behind the groundbreaking ceremony they did, at least the footage I have is from that. Elon Musk's interview is awesome!) I have videos you all would absolutely love to see, sadly I can't share them. (Although not being one who follows any rules whatsoever if you know how to reach me outside the Odeck I may or may not be willing to hook you all up.)

So that's all for now and if anything worthwhile comes out throughout the day then I'll post it when I have a chance, which may not happen for at minimum two hours while I deal with this stuff.

All I know beyond that is Google Fiber needs to be everywhere!

Update! You can now upload up to 50,000 of your own tracks to Google Play Music!

This is for free users and Google Play Music All Access subscribers. Just pointing that out because you don't need to pay for the latter to enjoy access to any music you personally upload. This is officially live and slightly more than double the capacity of the previously allotted 20,000 tunes you could upload.


Just login from the web and you should see the following.

I've personally got just shy of 6,750 songs uploaded, so this is cool. If Google ever gets rid of certain bands or loses the rights to them (which does happen occasionally) then I know I've got plenty of free slots open to upload my own tunes. Works for me!