Last week I gave you all a number of Material Design updated Google apps, today I've got a few more.

Google App Updates!

Gmail has been updated and for those who aren't aware it can now handle all email accounts from any email provider! You will need both the Gmail apk and Exchange Services apk to get your one-email-to-rule-them-all on.

YouTube also received an update, albeit it is still as not so great looking as it's always been, and you can get the apk here.

Google Play Newsstand received a relatively minor update that took care of a few visual tweaks to its already Material Design update and you can nab that here.

Google Play Services also received an update and if there is one apk you always want to have the latest version of it is very much Google Play Services. This is the one that lets Google push all those important updates that don't require a full OS upgrade to take care of. If there's anything on here you need to get it's this one. So go get it.


And last but not least, Calendar has officially had its apk released for the new Google Now/Calendar version! Get it, stat! Upon first use it'll tell you what changes there are and how it works. Once you've gotten past that just jump into settings and look things over, you want Events from Gmail to be turned on so it can turn those into, well, Calendar events. Duh!

And now, from our very own Pessimippoptamus on the redesigned Calendar, "I've been using the new Google Calendar release since yesterday. It's great. You can enter information in a conversational manner as you do with Google Now reminders. So if you type something like "Attend meeting at the Marriott on Friday at 10AM with Bobby", then as you input each word, you'll be able to enter calendar entry details without fumbling around individual text fields. (see below) Also, the calendar auto-fetches images for the locations that you put in. If it can't find an image, then it'll show the location on Google Map."



Google Maps has been updated as of today! I got the update moments ago and it looks sweeeeeet! You can snag the apk from here.


In Nexus related news, we've got a few things.

Factory images have been released for the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player have been released. This means nothing for most of you, but if you happen to own either of those devices and tinker regularly these are the things you want to go back to full stock. Or, if you're someone who's dying to be on the latest and greatest version of Android, this is what you want if you haven't received your OTA update. Flash these and voila! You're officially up to date!

I for one love factory images!

Also, in other news, Google has released some info on the Nexus 6, since it sold out in a ridiculously short amount of time even by Nexus device standards.

We are getting more Nexus 6 devices in stock as soon as possible. To make things simpler for you, we will work to make more devices available each Wednesday and encourage you to visit the site then.

The Nexus 6 will also be available in AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular stores later in November. Please check with your local carrier store for more information.


And for once that's really all I've got for you all today. Not much news beyond that and I think I've covered everything everyone has been interested in knowing about over the last two or three weeks. So as far as I'm concerned that wraps up today's post. Minor updates and news. If anything comes out throughout the day that you all have to absolutely know about I'll update the post accordingly. Unless someone mentions something I've somehow overlooked and that's always a possibility cause my brain is running flat out with a million things preoccupying it at any given moment.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


I totally forgot to include the following interesting infographic.


That infographic was seen/shared by Android Authority and I personally take issue with some of the Key Devices featured on the bottom of it. Namely the OG Droid (from Motorola and Verizon) was not included on the list, yet the OnePlus One was.

For those who aren't aware, the OG Droid was basically the phone that "launched" Android in the United States. Now, for the record, it was not the first Android phone in the U.S. but it was the first one with a serious marketing campaign. "Droid Does", anyone besides me remember that? Even my friends who aren't seriously tech geeks remember the commercials that caught everyone's attention.

Ignore the ending of that video, I didn't share that or whatnot so I have no idea who horribly edited it and left that baseball related nonsense in. (America's favorite past time my shiny metal ass! If it isn't A League of Their Own then I could not care less about baseball.)


EDIT! Lollipop OTA Update Time Frames!

So now that the Lollipop source code has dropped OEMs are scrambling to get it to us sooner rather than later.


HTC has had the policy since last year that once source code is released they would update devices within 90 days.

They tweeted on Monday that both the M8 and M7 would receive the update 90 days from that day.

For any M8/M7 owners out there this means that by no later than February 3rd your device will be rocking Lollipop.


Although it's worth pointing out that HTC has slipped on update time frames in the past, but they've been quick about putting out Kit Kat updates on their devices over the past year. So here's hoping they keep it up with the quick update releases.

In other news, NVIDIA has also given a time frame for the Lollipop OTA update for their SHIELD tablet.

November, folks. Before the month ends anyone who has the Shield Tablet will be running Lollipop on it!


That is an insanely quick update assuming it goes out as not quite promised. If it does, holy hell!

Something Android Police pointed out in their article on the news, that is clearly a Shield Tablet running Lollipop and it is also, for the keen eye, the LTE version of the device. For those who don't know, radio enabled devices (think cell phones or tablets with mobile data connections) tend to take longer to prepare and release updates for. The fact that it's clearly a mobile data equipped version of the device an running Lollipop says quite a bit. WiFi only versions of updates are released even quicker, so yeah. Take from that what you will. All I'm taking is that NVIDIA is throwing down the gauntlet in regards to "which OEM can release Lollipop to their devices the fastest". Motorola, step up your game! (I love you anyway though, so no rush, cause I know I'll get the update soon enough.)

EDIT! Nexus 9 has been rooted!

The always amazing Chaifire has come through for us again and achieved root on the Nexus 9!


The relevant XDA thread can be found here.


So for those of you with a Nexus 9 and wanting root, here's where to get it with the necessary info and downloads. Woohoo!