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Wednesday Android Update: New Year's Eve Edition (Updated!)

I'll just say it, I don't care for the end of the year holidays. Mostly cause I'm one of those "bah humbug" type people. That and I hate the people who live across the street in my neighborhood. It's like they realize it's a holiday and then invite their entire graduating class to block all the driveways at our end of the neighborhood and make it so no cars can come and go because they take up most of the street just trying to get to the end. Bastards. (And yes, last year I did go outside in the middle of the night and tell the kids to unblock my driveway and get the hell off my lawn. Not that I care, but it's the principle of the thing. Respect other people's shit!) /end rant

That said, the end of the year is mostly a wash as far as Android related news is concerned, short of the various sales that go on.

This year is no different. The only news I've got for you all really is as follows.


Lollipop OTA updates incoming for some, miniature American flags for others!

This is from a source who claims to work for Samsung and shared some screenshots of an in-house memo, but Lollipop is set to roll out starting January for S5 owners first, to be followed by Note 4 and Note Edge owners and then S4 and Note 4 owners. Galaxy Tab S, the flagship tablets from Samsung, will get the update after those groups.

Given that this is Samsung and they've got variations of each of those devices for almost every market, not too mention carrier versions which add additional variations on top of those, who knows what will get the update and when. You want specifics? I cannot give them to you. The best I can do is go all Colonel Sanders on you.

Also I'd be a real asshole if I didn't give you that full scene. That and I'm a Spaceballs fan. That means like other such fans I can pretty much quote the movie verbatim and this really is one of my favorite scenes in a film that is made entirely of my favorite scenes. : P

Also, I can't remember the source for this, but HTC M8 owners should start seeing the Lollipop roll out begin on January 3rd. ROLL OUT, folks! That means you may not get it Day 1 and there's nothing wrong with that. Better to wait and be spared potential bugs if there are any than to get them and have to deal with them. The cutting edge and latest and greatest isn't for everyone. Take that from someone who regularly participates in Motorola soak tests. As an early adopter heed my words when I say "have patience".https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WNrx2…


Telltale Games sale!

Per my post from yesterday, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season Two are both on sale in the Play Store (here and here respectively). They are also on sale according to at least one person on the PlayStation Network. They should run you $7.50 roughly for each's season, which is a savings of about fifty percent.


You can't go wrong with either game, although I can only vouch for The Wolf Among Us. (I now own it for three systems. Android, PS4 and PC. That's right, I bought it for each and every single one. It's that good!)


Android Police's "Wear Compare" piece

Android Police, one of my must check multiple times a day Android news sites, posted a "Wear Compare" article covering "the strengths and weakness of all the first-generation Android Wear devices".


Be sure to give it a thorough read if you are at all interested in Android Wear devices, it's very straight forward and highly informative.


If you want my take on things though, if you're interested in Android Wear even remotely and want to get a device but don't want to spend too much cash then keep an eye out for the LG G Watch. I know, it's the clunkiest of the Android Wear devices but it's also the one that keeps going on sale regularly and at price points that have dipped as low as $99 rather recently.

I did a write-up on the LG G Watch when it came out after getting one.


If you want the best bang for your buck, I still think the Moto 360 is the best Android Wear device on the market today.


My second pick for which Android Wear device you should pick up after the Moto 360 would have to be the ASUS Zen Watch. It's absolutely stunning in appearance, even if I haven't seen one in person just yet. The color of the band though is the only thing that gives me pause and keeps me from pulling the trigger on picking one up, although I might anyway just to give it for my mom as a belated Christmas present. She loves her G Watch and that should say it all insofar as use goes. If my mom, the most non-techie person I know, enjoys using one it's likely you would too.

I got a new icon pack for you all to try!

This one I did the beta for before it's official release, which was today actually. I've had it installed for a little over a week now and I absolutely love it.


It's the FLEX Icon Pack by ICONIC Themes, who make some of my hands down favorite icon packs. I am not joking when I say I've bought everything from this developer. (Well, I don't have the Christmas or Zombie ones, but those I don't count. They're too niche for my tastes.) Since it just debuted the icon pack is going for $0.99 in the Play Store and that's a great deal, it'll go back up to the regularly priced $1.99 sometime soon. So I'd pick it up while you can at that price.


I'd show you a screenshot of my app drawer, but I've got a lot of apps installed that at present remain unthemed. Some of you might read that and think "Why am I gonna pay for an icon pack that doesn't theme all my icons?" I'll tell you why, because this developer is phenomenal when it comes to fulfilling icon requests! All developers do, but none as regularly as this one in my experience and that's something that should speak for itself.

Besides this one, my other favorite by this developer is the Sweet! Icon Pack ($0.99), previously known as Lollicon which I know a few people pointed out was a horrible name for reasons I won't mention. And after that, in third, would be the HERACon Icon Pack ($0.99).


And that's all I got for you all today.

Oh , have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard...

A certain someone might be contributing pretty soon to one of the many Android news sites out there. : )


Yeah, I'm working on something already but waiting to hear back on what they think of the piece.

Of course being a pessimist and cynic I would totally be Jack's complete lack of surprise if it didn't happen at all.


Also, thanks to anyone who has even hinted at the fact that they think I could write professionally and/or should. You all rock!

Bam! And that's how you end a goddamn year! [mic drop] bangishotyou out!

If I don't talk to you all between now and tomorrow have a...

UPDATE! ArsTechnica just put up a post on Android 2.3 Gingerbread - Four years later, the OS just won't die. Has it really been that long? Damn!


But seriously, how the heck there are people out there still using Gingerbread is beyond me. I jumped ship the moment Ice Cream Sandwich was available for my Nexus S 4G, which I got early thanks to someone accidentally receiving it from Sprint on a goddamn USB!


We've come a very long way, folks. I've said it rather recently but I'll say it again, the jump from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich was like going from night to day. The jump from Kit Kat to Lollipop has been even bigger, for those who've experienced it that is.

Just for the sake of curiosity I looked into devices that were older and "flagships" during the Gingerbread days and not a one has been updated (via the tinkering community) past Kit Kat (4.4.4) just yet. Neither the Nexus One or the Nexus S. The fact that both are capable of running Kit Kat though blows my mind. (Somewhat related, I am so asking Santa for a Nexus One next year just for the hell of it. I'd love to own that piece of history. In working condition would be so much sweeter!)

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