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Wednesday Android Update - News and Google App updates!

In the wake of I/O there has been a ton going on in regards to breaking down and dissecting everything there is to know about that L Developer Preview that was released for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013). As such, all has been mostly quiet on the Android update front.

That said there have been a number of updates from Google for their various apps, not limited to the usual Wednesday update thing either. I've received numerous updates between Monday and yesterday.

There has also been some likely significant news in the acquisitions side of things.


First and foremost, I believe just before I/O Google and Nest bought Dropcam. Not much in way of speculation or rumors regarding this purchase, but suffice it to say that we'll see something come out of it for sure down the line.

Yesterday, Google purchased Songza. If you've never checked out the site or the app then you have no idea what you're missing. It's curated music and it is curated music done well. The "I'm Feeling Lucky" part of Google Play Music All Access has been decent but could stand some serious improvement, if anything the Songza purchase will be beneficial on that front. In related news, Songza has been pretty happy with the sale and they've stated that in the meantime they'd be "walking on sunshine". That's an exact quote by the way.

As for those Google Updates, I can do a run down of those. Some stuff I haven't seen as having changed too much, but I'll link to the updates anyway and maybe some of you can spot things that I or some of the Android sites have overlooked.


First and foremost was an update to Google Play Music, which you can download here. This one was pretty significant.

There is now a switch in the slide out menu to toggle between music on your device and everything else. There is also now an account switcher, support for Android TV casting (as well as the removal of the ability to work with things like Cheapcast).


Also, what I don't think I've seen mentioned but that I noticed this morning (goes to show how much attention I pay sometimes) is the changing of the "pin" feature. It now shows a download like picture and changes to a check mark when things have been downloaded. Also it notes this clearly and shows the same thing in your notification shade.

Google Docs and Google Sheets have also been updated. You can get them here and here respectively. Both have been updated with Android L support, Word and Excel compatibility (respectively), new UIs and a number of other things that you really have to see and use to believe. The changes are pretty significant and if you use either app on your various devices regularly you'll probably weep from the sheer happy in regard to all the changes.

On top of that there's been a few updates I haven't seen drop anywhere just yet but that I've received on my device.


Google Search and YouTube both got some pretty neat updates. So expect those relatively soon. (It's always awesome when I get updates no one has even reported on yet!)


That's all I got for you all today.

I had done a post some time back asking if anyone would be interested in really delving into the tinkering side of things and got more than a few people leaving comments saying they'd be interested. To that end, expect a post or two on that this Friday. I'm warning you all now, it will likely get technical.


The first post will be about getting things setup just so to really do all that you need to do when tinkering with your devices (and will likely touch on Nexus devices in particular as an example).

I'm still going with the M8 as the first device to do a full post on that about though, I don't own the device and I'm still debating whether or not to get it (funds are very low right now thanks to my recent accident and the whole "I just bought my first new car ever!!!" thing). But I see no harm in doing the post anyway, I've read up enough on the device to be able to tinker with it the moment I can lay my hands on one and do a write up on how to do things properly. That's basically the XDA way. Research, research, research and then do. If you can follow instructions then you can probably do it too. Tinker that is. It's not hard, it's just lots of reading before actually doing anything. Something far too many people do not want to do. (And thus threads are littered with people complaining about this or that all because they literally could not be bothered to read the first post of the thread in full. Don't be one of those people!)


Anyway, questions/comments/etc can be posted below and I'll get to them in turn. Or if you just want to chat Android devices I'm game for that too.

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