So, I have no topic for this week. Luckily there's all sorts of goodness happening right now. Most of it as I was on my lunch, so having now been back in the office for all of eleven minutes to read everything and start downloading this and that and checking things out first hand I can do my post!

First off, there's been an update to Google Search, you can find the apk here (so you don't have to wait for the update).

So what's in this update? Notably, automatic parking detection. Along with better update reminders and Nicknames (so you can associate nicknames, dur, with contacts).

Google Play Games has also received an update. You can get the apk here. It's got the new slide-out navigation bar/menu and a handful of tweaks. Of which notifications for gifts and requests is one.

Two new apps from Google have also gone live in the Play Store, Docs and Sheets. If you've used Google Drive then you're familiar with both of these already, except this time around they are stand alone apps and they are fully offline capable. Meaning no data connection is required, unlike with Drive. Slides is also scheduled to receive it's own dedicated app, so I'll update the post when that drops. Assuming it drops today that is.


Pushbullet, which I've talked about before, has also received an update. The UI has changed and now it is card based! Yes! [looks around awkwardly] Am I the only one who really loves it when apps get card based UI updates? Well, whatever! It looks nice! Along with that comes a floating Pushbullet sharing window, which is actually pretty neat. I hate that the app launches separately when I want to push stuff and floating windows do look better and save me from having to hit back on my phone. You can also now push to all your devices (tied to your account) and have multiple accounts on a given device. Adding friends is easier and notification mirroring has been improved.

On top of that, Motorola has scheduled an event in London for May 13th. "Made to last. Priced for all." Given a tagline like that, I'd speculate that this is a successor to the Moto G. Possibly with LTE, as has been discussed and rumored about on a few sites for the past month. Or potentially even the Moto E, another rumor mill device said to be in the works from Motorola (an even more wallet friendly than the Moto G).


Either way, that sounds good to me. I need a new device to tinker with and one that won't break the bank to do it is just what the doctor ordered. And by doctor I mean of the Raoul Duke type.


My body is ready!