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Wednesday Android Update: Nexus (official) leaks galore! Edition

I was genuinely not planning to mention the upcoming Nexus phones today, but then we had a number of leaks yesterday and that plan went right to hell. And so of course now I have to mention them, not the least reason for which is because quite a few of us are wanting new phones and now that we know Motorola is in dire straits (warning: that link is likely not at all going to where you think it is and no it’s nothing NSFW either) thanks to Lenovo getting rid of everyone who made the company awesome we’ve all begun to look to Google’s offerings. Help us, Google Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope. Gah. I’m sorry, that was just awful. But I’m not taking it down, I stand by my bad joke.

First, anyone want a new Nexus 6?


You can pick up the GSM (unlocked) 32 GB (midnight blue) model from eBay for $299 right now.

That’s a damn good deal for what is a genuinely great phone. Don’t forget, it’s a Nexus and Marshmallow is incoming within a month or so (for the OTA updates and/or factory images). Given that it’s less than a year old you can rest assured that it’ll be updated to Marshmallow.

The Huawei Nexus 6P


Courtesy of Android Police here is the Huawei made Nexus 6P in all its glory.


EDIT/UPDATE. Additional pic has leaked courtesy of AP. The phone will be available in four colors. Silver, black, white, and gold.

I have no clue how I feel about the design. I mean it’s not great, but it’s not bad. Honestly what really throws me off is that black bar on the back. Why is that there like that? You can clearly see the camera and the flash on the left side there, but what about the rest of it? Is there a reason for it?


If you look closely, and I know it’s kind of hard to tell based on the pic, you can see that the black bar/hump isn’t as pronounced as it originally appeared to be in the first leaked photos for the phone. The curve leading up to it is even more subtle than originally appeared. So there’s that at least.

Beyond that it looks like it has front facing speakers, like those found on the Nexus 6. So that’s definitely a plus.


Purportedly sporting a 5.7” 1440p display, this is definitely going to be the bigger Nexus device this year and likely going to command a higher price point. This all but confirmed given that it’s supposedly going to be available in even a 128 GB model. Of course it’ll also be available in the now standard 32 and 64 GB configurations as well.

It should also have the soon to be standard USB Type C connection/port. Huzzah!

It’s going to be using the Snapdragon 810. XDA recently put out a great piece on the 810 and I suggest you all read it if you have any questions or concerns based on what I and others have said about the 810. And really there’s only one thing worth noting about any device that has an 810 in it and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy can help me out on this one, “Avoid, if at all possible.”


That circle on the back there by the way is a finger printer sensor, which I’d previously stated was likely going to be one based on the original (potato camera) leaked pics of the back of the device.

Beyond that? You’ll know more when I do.

LG Nexus 5X


This one is also brought to you via Android Police. The box the device will come in.

EDIT/UPDATE. Official press renders have leaked! Courtesy of Android Police, obviously. Damn do I love those guys and gal!


It’s worth pointing out that the LG Nexus is going to be the “cheap” phone this year. Rumor has it that it’ll only be available in 16 and 32 GB models.


Beyond that we’ve already heard that it would have the Snapdragon 808 in it, a 5.2” IPC 1080p display, 2,700mAh battery, and 12.3 MP rear camera and 5 MP front facing camera.

It looks like the device has front facing speakers.

Going based on the pic of the back it’s clear it too has a fingerprint sensor.


And of course it’ll come in a few colors. Quartz white, charcoal black, and ice blue.

Additionally, AP notes that you can clearly see the laser autofocus window in that second pic.


Some “leaked” specs via India’s Amazon site have come out as of last night, but I’m not going to post them or discuss them. They don’t seem to be on the mark at all and it’s very likely they’re about another device entirely. You can read about them here though if you’re so inclined.

I officially no longer want the new Moto X

I wrote about the company a bit last week, but I’m going to repost what I mentioned last time and then explain why I no longer want the new Moto X. Like at all. The phone is now officially a pass for me.


Repost time!

XDA has a great piece on Motorola and what’s currently transpiring with the company


If you’re at all interested in Motorola’s line of devices I highly suggest you give it a read.

The short of it is that Motorola as of three years ago did something new and seemingly insane and did so for reasons that were twofold. They decided to make a smaller device (original Moto X was 4.7”), keep it to near stock Android while adding a few useful software features and tweaks to it (Active Display, Touchless Control, Moto Assist, all of which have gone on to be incorporated into stock Android as a whole), and keeping aspects of the hardware “low specced” where possible (using a 720p display over a 1080p one because at that size few people could truly discern the difference). All of this allowed them to keep their devices quickly and easily updated which in turn allowed them to reduce costs on their part which in turn allowed them to keep costs low for the consumers.


They kept things mostly the same with the second iteration of the Moto X.

However, with the Nexus 6 on things have seemingly taken a turn for the “that doesn’t seem like something Motorola was originally set out to do”. The devices have gotten much bigger, despite Motorola originally shooting for that 4.7” form factor because it was what most people found convenient and easy to hold in hand. Prices saw a shocking increase, to the point that people (erroneously) claimed no Nexus had ever passed the $600+ price point until the Nexus 6.


And then you have their newer devices, the Moto X Play and Moto X Style, both of which are substantially larger than previous generation’s Moto X devices and which have taken one of the selling points for it (AMOLED displays that were a huge part of what made Active eventually called Moto Display great, their minimal battery usage power requirements) and replaced it entirely (TFT display, so the entire display actually lights up to show you a tiny notification and thus uses more power than it would have otherwise).

To make matters truly worse though is the one thing we worried about originally, with Lenovo having bought Motorola from Google what’s going to happen to all those software tweaks and innovations that we’ve come to know and love?


That’s been answered. From the piece, “…the software and services team, the folks who are largely responsible for all the Moto-bred features we love today. Moto Voice. Moto Display. Moto Assist. Etc — the people responsible for those are gone, and will be replaced by Lenovo engineers.”

Personally, I was looking forward to the new Moto X solely because I’ve been a fan of the line since its debut. With the Lenovo purchase I became very hesitant and concerned for things going forward. At present it’s likely I’ll be picking up the new Moto X Pure Edition at best before the end of the month and at worst before the end of October. I doubt I’ll be going the Moto Maker route this time though, I’ll just pick one up at my local Best Buy. That said I think it might be the last Motorola purchase I make. Lenovo has definitely shaken things up from the company I couldn’t recommend enough over the previous two years to the point that I honestly just don’t see them making the products I’ve grown to love and highly recommend going forward. And everyone knows how much I love(d) Motorola phones.


And here’s the reason why I’m officially done with the Moto X line of devices, as much as I’ve loved them til now.


We’ve heard yes and no for the past week or so in regards to unlocking the bootloader and voiding the warranty, but now we’ve had it confirmed from Matt (who is awesome!) who runs the Motorola Feedback Network forum.

The Moto X 2013 was available in various models, one of which was the Developer Edition for which unlocking the bootloader did not void the warranty.


The Moto X Pure Edition 2014 was available in one model (there was no developer edition) and that one was similar. Unlocking the bootloader, which I’ve not bothered doing, did not void the warranty.

Now we’ve got the new one that’s one model for all and that’s what they come out with? WTF?! I can only attribute the significant change to one thing: Lenovo.


So I’m officially done with the Moto X. I won’t give money to a company that has policies like that. I’m very much a vote with your wallet kind of guy and if a company who previously did one thing changes their stance in a manner that conflicts with my views and beliefs then I’m officially done with them and that is very much the case here.

Motorola, you used to be awesome and tinker friendly. I don’t like what Lenovo’s ownership has done to you. We had some great times, but it’s time to end things.


Aftership is an awesome app to keep track of all your packages

Aftership (free with no ads!) is an app I’ve heard about for some time now and just never had a reason to install until recently.


It’s a lovely package tracker.

That’s it. That is seriously all it does, but what it does it does exceptionally well. And I’m just gonna steal from the Play Store description for this next bit to show you all it does.

Track 200+ Carriers for FREE!
• Free unlimited tracking
• Free push notifications
• No ads
• Auto-detect carrier
• Easy-to-share tracking links
• Barcode scanner

Free Push Notifications:
• Info Received - Courier receives the order from shipper
• In Transit - Shipment is picked up
• Out for Delivery - Shipment is about to deliver soon
• Delivered - Shipment is delivered
• Failed Attempt - Courier tried to deliver but failed
• Exception - Any delivery alerts


This app also covers EVERYONE. I mean it covers country specific delivery/carrier options. So it’s definitely “U.S. only” and I’m sure that’s more than welcome news to hear for some of you.

As for screenshots, here’s a few I took very quickly.


Come on kids, it’s Nexus season. You know you want to track your phone deliveries and refresh like crazy every few minutes to see what’s the status of your device.

That’s all I got for today, cause now I want to read

I’ll update the post if anymore awesome leaks happen.

But let’s get to why we’re all here, how much can we not stand waiting a week to get our orders on?!

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