Today you kids get news, news and more news. Why? I don't know! Because that's what I had planned? Maybe? Probably? Yes, it was! And you can't prove otherwise!

Al infinito y mas aya! (I'm going to assume I spelled all that right, for those unaware that is what Buzz Lightyear says in the Spanish dubbed version of Toy Story. "To infinity and beyond!" If you haven't seen the movie in Spanish you really should, it is hilarious!)

Android Wear 5.0.1 Update

Officially, this is old news, I covered this last week.

Unofficially, there's still more going on.

First and foremost is that the update has rolled out to all devices I believe, with one exception. The Moto 360. There was a timetable that said the update would be completed to all Moto 360 owners on December 15th. That date has come and gone and as I write this I sit here with my Moto 360 strapped to my wrist and not an update in sight.


Before some of you start prepping your torches and pitchforks I should say something important, there was a bug and that halted the roll out set for the target date. The roll out has begun a new but it just hasn't trickled its way to everyone yet.

"Patience is a virtue" and all that nonsense I suppose. Then again, I hate waiting for updates!


If it's not obvious, I just really wanted an excuse to use some Arrow GIFs. DID YOU ALL SEE THAT MID-SEASON FINALE?!?! WTF?!?!

Not quite related, but definitely Arrow related and totally stolen from here, I present to you the following images which have made me laugh ever since a certain someone (who shall remain nameless awesome and thanks for the pics/link!) sent me the link I am sharing these from.


Moving on.

EDIT. Yes, I know the pictures throw the post off randomly, blame Kinja and not me. I'm sure I could fix that but with me laziness will always prevail and thus I won't cause meh.

Cyanogen Inc., this is why people hate you.

And yes, they do hate you.

So for those unfamiliar with the name Cyanogen, it was originally a group of Android enthusiast who created one of the most popular ROMs around. I mean that and I say that as someone who years ago used to install their ROM on anything and everything I could.


Sadly though, as the ROMs popularity grew so did the egos of some involved and eventually, the lead ego, spun the group into something else, namely Cyanogen Inc. They went corporate in every possible meaning of the word.

And by that I mean they started off by trying to basically force/trick a number of people who'd contributed code and apps to the project, CyanogenMod (the name of the ROM), into signing over their code/apps. This was something that we'd heard rumors of until finally one of the people who contributed stepped up and put everything out there, with supporting documentation in a number of instances. A number of people, myself among them, basically quit CyanogenMod at that point, which wasn't a big deal because by then we had PA (ParanoidAndroid), CarbonROM, SlimKat and, a personal favorite, OmniROM.

So Cyanogen went corporate big whoop, right? WRONG! They went corporate and therein lies the issues we're seeing now.


So Cyanogen Inc. teamed up with Oppo and released what is truly a phenomenal phone with a somewhat iffy/"can you believe this shit" track record. I've mentioned some of the issues before, but suffice it to say the big one is their customer service. Or lack thereof it better said. The phone is rock solid and well worth the $300 - 350 asking price. The thing is you better pray to the old gods and the new that you don't get a bum unit, else prepare to have to open a PayPal dispute to get any kind of response from them.

So this company who's shown themselves to be pretty unscrupulous, Cyanogen Inc. not Oppo, has a phone out there geared for enthusiast and at a great price point. Nothing wrong with that, right? Nope. Nothing wrong with it at all. That's commendable. Ignoring that they tried to screw over contributors to putting their OS on it.


Did I mention that? Yes, I did. Did I mention that the OS isn't stock CyanogenMod? I didn't? Damn. My bad!

So the operating system that is on the OnePlus One, that "flagship killer" as it was originally dubbed, is not stock CyanogenMod. It is something else entirely, it is Cyanogen OS. Alright, I can accept that. A variant of the original tailored for a specific device. That's neither here nor there. We're cool so far.

Exceptttttt they couldn't let bygones be bygones and leave things like that. Nope. Cyanogen went and made a metaphorical deal with the devil in the name of the almighty dollar. They signed an exclusive deal with another OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Micromax, to put Cyanogen OS on their phones. The catch? It's an exclusive deal. What does that mean? Well, if you kept up with the news and didn't buy the BS put forth by a certain nameless corporation, it means that if you bought the OnePlus One in India you're so screwed. Expecting updates for your phone? Yeah, the words "that's a long wait for a train that don't come" come quickly to mind. To paraphrase the always awesome Mal Reynolds. You aren't getting any. Full stop. Period.


Oppo got stuck holding the bag on that one. They entered into a partnership with a company who had some seriously shady behavior in their past from the moment of birth and because they didn't get something in writing they got hosed. Now, you can blame them for not getting things in writing that they could have rights to the OS on their devices in India or you can rightly blame Cyanogen Inc. for the seriously douchey move that put users at the end of their priority list.

It can't get any worse, can it?

I think at this point you know that's a rhetorical question, assuming you've read up to this point.


It can and officially did overnight.

Micromax has turned to the courts to have sales of the OnePlus One banned entirely in India.

The OnePlus One, despite being guaranteed no future updates whatsoever, still comes with Cyanogen OS, which Micromax has exclusive rights to in the country. That OnePlus only recently was made aware of the exclusive deal between Micromax and Cyanogen Inc. two weeks before the OnePlus One went for sale in the country is neither here nor there. They've stated they'd replace the OS and continue support for the device for anyone who buys it, but apparently that isn't enough for Micromax. And what was already a douchey move has gone full retard in its level of douchiness.


And that's where we are today with Cyanogen Inc. They screw their contributors, they screw their fans and they screw their business partners. I personally won't have anything to do with the company in any capacity.

As for their new business partner...


I present to you the Micromax Yu, which will be available exclusively from Amazon, and apparently has one of the most "dafuq?" ad campaigns ever behind it. (Don't bother asking me what that ad is about or how any phone can be the "Zeus of phones". I don't know and I don't want to know. I think even in my most "those clouds don't look real" under the influence state could I ever come up with anything that resembles the logic and rationale it took to come up with that ad.)

I'm not gonna lie, I like cheesiness and ridiculous ads as much as the next person. Probably even more so...

To this day my bestie and I still randomly laugh over that commercial and the fact that the two guys who kick it off remind us of ourselves. "You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?" LOL. "Weeee." So us.


But that Micromax ad. Ugh. I groaned out loud when I saw it this morning.

And before anyone ask why I wrote about any of that or starts in on me the answer is simple: Because it's Android related news and it affects an entire country's Android users potentially. Actually, it does. All OnePlus One owners in India are affected by this. As such, rather than just write the relevant stuff (you're getting hosed on future updates) I figured the smart move was to list just why they were getting hosed and the history behind the company doing it. I left out a lot of details that people can research further if they're so inclined or I can provide links to if needed. I seriously don't care for CyanogenMod as a ROM or Cyanogen Inc. as a company at this point in time though. I'm not the most ethical person in the world and my morals change as needed for my interests (although I'd definitely say I'm a good guy overall), but nothing that company has done since inception sits well with me and I'd rather people know everything about them than not.

Moving on!

Somewhat related, OnePlus has just celebrated its first birthday!

That's right, folks! The company has been around for a rather insane year. The invite only system, the bad customer service and then the "get bent" and "get outta here" moves by Cyanogen Inc. and Micromax over the past few days and weeks.


All I can say is congrats and hopefully you all learned a lot as a company over the past year! Namely, what not to do. (No more invite system, please! No more unwritten or at least non-specific agreements with unscrupulous companies! And so on and so forth.)

To celebrate they've done a few things that are newsworthy.

They've officially opened up sales of the White 16 GB ($299) and Sandstone Black 64 GB ($349) OnePlus One. Hip hip hooray!

Do not ask me how "go banana" relates to "hip hip hooray". I don't know but it's what came to mind, so deal with it. : P


They have also announced the release (and forthcoming sale) of a 10,000mAh Power Bank for $14.99.


Honestly, it doesn't look bad. Especially not the capacity and for that price. If I didn't have an external charger/battery pack already I'd probably pick one up. It'll be available in matching colors to the phone. So you can have it in any color you'd like as long as it's white or black.

They've also, bringing this around full circle, announced that next year they're officially going to launch their own ROM. Naturally enough based on Android 5.0, aka Lollipop.

This is literally the moment I've been waiting for for almost a week now. The opportunity to say the following: Mazel tov! (Hopefully things work out for OnePlus and the shenanigans of the past remain in the past. Or at least provide amusement if they continue going forward.)


Storage, storage, storage!

I keep getting asked online and offline about devices that have microSD card slots or that support OTG connections. (Think can read USB drives via the appropriate USB to microUSB cable/adapter.)

Personally, I'm not a fan of microSD card slots, mostly for security purposes. People can pop those out and there goes your stuff. Also, despite being a digital hoarder I just don't see a need to carry around 64 GB of music, TV shows, movies and books. I have a ton of each on my phone and it's only got 32 GB of built in storage and I've still got like 15 or so of free space left. I have a TON of books, podcasts and albums saved to my phone. Oh and movies! I never leave home without a handful of my favs on my phone for emergency "I'm bored" purposes. (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Snatch. The Big Lebowski. Guardians of the Galaxy. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, don't judge me. And a few others.)


So there are two storage options for people who want more storage and don't want to deal with the cloud.

The first is relatively new and the one I'd personally get behind and might try out sometime soon.

The SanDisk Ultra Micro USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive for Android Smartphone/Tablets (with app).


It is available in 16 GB ($12.99), 32 GB ($17.99) and 64 GB ($27.99) variants and assuming your phone supports the ability to read OTG drives then this is definitely the pocket friendly option in both price point and the ability to toss in your jeans at a moment's notice.


Plug it in to your computer, throw your stuff on it and then take it out and plug it into your phone. Easy peasy.

Of course the OG option for those wanting more storage for ALL THE THINGS and to be accessible for their phones is the pricier portable hard drive with it's own hotspot (sorta) way.

Seagate makes one such device and man is it a beast.


2 TBs! (If that linked incorrectly then my bad.) The drive comes in various sizes. 500 GB ($99.99), 1 TB ($126.99) and 2 TB ($169.99).

I bought a regular 2 TB Toshiba hard drive last year that ran me about $150, so that 2 TB option is really affordable, especially given it's convenience factor insofar as accessing our files without needing a cable to do so goes.


Western Digital also offers a similar device.

It is available in 1 TB ($174.12) and 2 TB ($219) storage capacities.

If you need way more space for your stuff then this is the option you want to go with.


(Also, for the record, I'd go with the Western Digital option. I owned a Seagate external hard drive that lasted about 7 years, which is insane given how quickly that exact model died according to everything I read on it after the fact. 3 year mark was the exact date stated by far too many people for my liking. I trust Western Digital though. In fact, all my drives internal and external are from the company. My personal stuff that is. At work I use whatever's available at that exact moment at my local Best Buy.)

Last but not least, Google app updates!

Because what Wednesday Android Update post would be complete without them?

In no particular order and grab what you need the updates are as follows: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Maps (this one is sort of big, as in a big deal, grab it for sure and enjoy figuring out what changes it brought!), Gmail, Inbox, Hangouts Dialer and Google Play Movies.


Grab one or grab them all! Also some may have rolled out a day or two early, as in before the usual Google App Update Wednesday. It happens. [shrugs]

Oh snap, one more thing.

Any XDA users out there who haven't already heard of it should definitely check out the new XDA One Forum app. It kicks serious ass compared to the old one(s) or the Tapatalk app.


And that is all I have for you all today. Thoughts, questions, comments? You know what to do with them, post them below. : )

UPDATE! Chromecast, Camera and Play Books all received updates as well.