So I mentioned yesterday I had a few treats for you all today and I've covered one so far with my LG G Watch review. Now here's the other. This one is more of the "customize your device" variety though, which I haven't touched on in awhile.

How many people are fans of the Google Now type wallpaper that pops up here and there? [raises hand] Well, someone took it upon themselves to redo those wallpapers in better quality and someone else took it upon themselves to package them into an app and thus nowPaper was born!

Words really can't do justice to this app/these wallpapers, you have to see them for yourself. There are numerous cities though, with more on the way, and multiple "times" and even conditions for each. So for example, Rocky Mountains, which is the one I liked most, has dawn, day, evening and night. It also has versions that include rain.

But like I said, seeing is believing.

And it's got Muzei support! Seriously, why are you still reading this? It's only $0.99, so go grab it right now!

For those who don't know what Muzei is, it's a liev wallpaper that refreshes your home screen each day with a famous work of art. It blurs and dims the images to keep the focus on your apps and anything else on your home screen (although this can be changed or turned off entirely).


You can also use various plugins and apps to add different sources. One great one is APOD Muzei, which gives you NASA's astronomy picture of the day! And we all know how great those are. But there are so many others that even if NASA's stuff doesn't tickle your pickle or strike your fancy or float your goat or whatever then that's alright. There is definitely something out there that will.

And that's all I got for you kids today, although there might be a tinkering related post later today or this week. It's time to teach you kids how to root something!