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Wednesday Android Update - "It's going up late" Edition (Updated!)

I'm on freaking vacation, what did you expect? Technically this is only Day 2 of my vacation but yesterday I was so lazy in general. I put in effort and expended energy only once yesterday and that was basically so I could pull a ferret and get into some mischief. : )

Moving on though!

Another day, some more Google app updates

Not gonna elaborate on these, just share them and you grab what you need. Maps (for 4.3+ users), Chrome, Play Books, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Google+ and Play Movies.


BBC News app at long last has been significantly updated

This one is like many Google apps being released as a staged roll out, but APK Mirror comes through yet again and I present to you all the new and improved BBC News app. MATERIAL DESIGN version!


Of all the apps I've long wanted to be updated this is the most important one in my app drawer. I'd be lying if I said this version isn't the one I personally got in the Play Store forever and a day ago, it seems to be aimed solely towards UK readers and users of the app. I can dig it though. Honestly, I'd rather read about what's going on in the UK than the nonsense going on "across the pond" here in the States. (People did not stand during the State of the Union when the President said women should earn the same pay as men, especially in 2015. I'm sorry, if you don't think that should be a thing that should be happening then you're an asshole.)


I've said it before and I'll say it again, no one does the news like the BBC. At least no one here in the U.S. does, not so sure about anywhere else.

Another one bites the dust

The HTC M8 Google Play Edition is no longer in the Play Store. This is very much a significant loss. Why? Because it was the last Google Play Edition device in the Play Store.


If you want a device that is stock Android then you're options, in the Play Store at least, consist of the following: Buy a Nexus.

Honestly, I've no problems with that. Up until this past year I only bought Nexus devices. Motorola, you sneaky little devil, you have stolen my business from Google. Frankly, I've no issues with that!


Speaking of Motorola...

Look at what's coming to the Play Store relatively soon.


Don't think. Just buy it. I don't care where I am or what I'm doing, you give me ten to fifteen minutes to throw my device on that charger and I'll get a significant boost in battery life. Easily 20% at minimum. (There are naturally other options available for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 compatible chargers. Like the Incipio Quick Charge charger for your car, which I got for my mom recently and tested while dropping her off somewhere a weekend or two back. I love this Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 tech, so amazing!)


Dead Zebra Android Mini's Series 5 is coming!

Sometime in the next few weeks the next batch of Android Mini figures by Dead Zebra will be available for "shut up and buy it quickly before it sells out" purchase. Thus far two figures have been revealed.


And now it is time to drop the bomb on all of you.

Are you ready? You ready for this? I seriously don't think any of you are. Truly mind blowing stuff right here.


Google has been internally working on a project code named "Nova".

Why is this a "bomb"? Why should you care?

Ahem. Because this isn't a project in the traditional sense of what we think of when it comes to Google.


Get ready...



Translation for those unfamiliar with just what the heck I'm blathering on about: Google is going to launch their own "carrier"! (Sorta. I'm really over simplifying but it's the best and easiest way to explain it so everyone understands.)

To put things another Pessimipopotamus approved and friendly way, the only way this news could be more amazing is if Hayley Atwell personally told us this herself (along with Elizabeth Henstridge, sorry man but I have my own preference on lovely British women... although Hayley Atwell is so awesome, especially on Twitter). *swoons*


Now, the way MVNOs operate in general is they lease infrastructure from the bigger carriers, here in the States at least, and then turn around and sell pre-paid (off contract) plans to the customers. Basically, you pay $30 and you get a really decent amount of voice minutes, unlimited texting and a set amount of data (usually around 5 GB).

Is that how Google's going to do things? Maybe. Maybe not. It's possible, I won't discount it off the bat. It's also very possible that rather than require stores to do this (the way Boost and others do it) they might very well operate things out of the Play Store.


We all know, or we all should damn well know, that when Google enters certain markets prices drop and service gets better for consumers. Perfect example? Google Fiber. This is likely Google's way of doing what they did to ISPs to the carriers this time around. I for one am completely cool with it if so.

Now, here's where we get to one "this is purely a rumor I read" point: Supposedly Google is going to go entirely data only with this. "How would that work? I need to make calls and send text messages!" Excellent question and point. To that end I must respond with, have you used Hangouts? Because Hangouts can go data only (for sending messages and making calls). Basically Hangouts does it all, you just have to care enough to give it a try and see it for yourself.


The definite added benefit of a move like this is that Google would essentially have their own carrier and if there is one thing that truly sucks about carriers it is how restrictive and meddling they can be when it comes to the devices we buy from them (or even the ones we don't buy from them at all). They withhold or delay updates, add bloatware like you wouldn't believe and I could go on and on about the ways the carriers screw Android users. On and on and on and on. (Seriously, I could. It's best to avoid the subject entirely with me.)


So this would be the perfect way for Google to step in and really show us how Android devices and updates should be handled on a carrier level. (No screwing around with updates in any way, shape or form. No bloatware. Reasonable prices for devices, not the carrier "I'm gonna mug you because I can" mark up we are all familiar with. Etc etc etc.)

At this point it should be obvious I'm all for this and at the very least you should be intrigued by the idea and looking forward to seeing what comes from it. You can rest assured I'll take the plunge and sign up with Google for phone service if it happens and I'll report back on it. They won't be able to take my money fast enough for my tastes.


BREAKING UPDATE! Google has officially reached a deal with Sprint to lease some of their network infrastructure! Google's wireless service will launch later this year.


For my reaction to this breaking news please see the GIF to the left. I AM DANCING! IN MY EMPTY HOUSE IN MY ROOM! (I don't dance ever. You could put a gun to my head and say "dance or your life" and I'd tell you to pull the trigger. If you didn't have the minerals I'd do it for you cause bangishotyou does not dance!)

Moving on!

Beyond that, that is everything that should have been shared yesterday. But I was too lazy to do so then.


In semi related news, tomorrow I will have a seriously good review for you all. Not about a device, calm yourselves. I'm gonna focus on a particular developer, which will be the first time I've ever done so. Be ready for some serious icon pack action tomorrow. I'm also going to talk to said developer today and see if he's game for an idea I have. Namely, "Got some apks you wouldn't mind sharing with the Odeck so you can gain some new fans?" I'm actually on a relatively friendly basis with this developer, so besides my usual review maybe I'll ask him some questions if he's up for doing a small interview and you all can hear straight from the horse's mouth so to speak for yourselves.

So look forward to that being posted tomorrow!

On that note, I leave you with two things. So I've always been a punk fan. And I seriously love anyone who can tear it up on an electric guitar. To that end, I present to you The Living End, who hail from Australia the land where everything can and wants to kill you (or so I've come to understand), with the first song of theirs I ever heard back when I was in high school, "Roll On"!

Also from that same album, which is also named Roll On, I present to you "Carry Me Home".

Also, today is one of my friend's birthdays. One of my offline friend's birthdays that is. So on the off chance that that friend sees this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I totally bet you don't remember the time we were in Hastings back when we were kids when I found the Roll On album and got all excited about it. And since you only got a small gift I had sent to you yesterday let me make up for it sorta by sharing my favorite song from the album of theirs I like most after Roll On and which came out after we graduated forever ago.)


This one is from Modern ARTillery and it's called "What Would You Do?"

I fucking love that band! If it isn't obvious. How I wish I could see them live. (Although nowhere near Australia for that. Goddamn spiders and sharks and I can't even think of all the other things that would want me dead down there. I refuse to be convinced that everything down under doesn't want to kill us all.)



Holy schnikeys! John Legere has officially shared the first of what is hopefully many vlogs!

I absolutely love how he is basically John Everyman. He speaks the truth and he sounds like a regular guy. The fact that he cusses randomly just makes him seem like even more of a Dude/Bro. (Also, if by some miracle someone who knows him sees this do me a huge favor. Let me ask Mr. Legere some questions, I'll give him the most chilled Q&A interview session ever. Also, can I have one of those sweet shirts? And a Nexus 6? Come on, you can't fault me for asking. Deep down you knew you expected something like that. Lol.)

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