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Wednesday Android Update: Slow news day Edition

First off, I'm getting sick and frankly that's just got me feeling worn out. Secondly, our receptionist quit and they basically threw me under the bus and said "you do his job now". Today is my first back to full time hours day and honestly I'm a bit miffed. I got so used to napping when I got out at 1 PM that I know I'm gonna be struggling to reach 5 o'clock.

Ugh. Today just ain't my day. But hooray for nice paychecks again! I can buy some stuff I want now!

So given the feeling sick thing and the lack of any updates as of yet I'm just gonna make this a news related post and call it a day on that front.


Google's MVNO sorcery!

So Google's MVNO looks set to happen and more news has come out in regards to it. First off, they've already closed the deal with Sprint as far as using their network. T-Mobile still isn't a sure thing, as far as finalized deal being signed and all that goes, but it's likely gonna be a done thing by the time Google's MVNO goes live.

Now, per traditional MVNO use and all that, some MVNOs have similar deals in place with the bigger carriers. By which I mean they might have agreements in place with T-Mobile and AT&T, but you basically get your choice of SIM card when you sign up with them. It's one or the other, not both. So you only use one network's infrastructure.

Google is going the other way with that and holy shit is that awesome! Or to put that a bit better, assuming you sign up with Google's MVNO your phone, assuming it's compatible (of which the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 are the only two currently compatible across various carrier networks and frequencies), you'll be able to hop from one network to the other based on signal strength. Sprints signal sucks where you're at but T-Mobile's is awesome? Guess who's phone will switch to the better network? Yours! Service for both sucks where you're going but there's open WiFi that has great signal strength? Guess who's is switching to WiFi then? Yours!


For those who might be thinking "this is gonna murder my battery life" let me just state that couldn't be further from the truth. What kills battery life, insofar as signal strength and your radio goes, is trying to get a signal when it can't or when the signal is beyond craptastic. Defaulting to the best possible signal though won't do that and in fact will likely be best for your battery life overall.

This really can't happen soon enough! Google's MVNO that is. Stoked would be an understatement about how excited I am about this.


New phones are on the horizon

For those unaware, we are reaching that point of the year where new phones will be coming out. We've already seen talk and leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now we're seeing the same for the HTC One M9 (which is shaping up to be a beast of a phone).


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is where we should see the debut of the S6. Meanwhile, HTC is doing their own thing and wants to unveil the M9 (and potentially their Android Wear device) away from MWC and that should be happening in March.

Want to see what it might look like?


The first three phones you see there have been purported "leaked pics" of the HTC One M9.

That picture though (showing all the phones) comes courtesy of @evleaks, whose track record with leaks is second to none. Note the last one in that grouping, that is the purported M9!


Frankly, it looks stunning. Also, some of the things Droid Life, among others, have taken issue with as far as HTC's choices for their flagship device, appear to have been taken into account on this upcoming device and changed. (Looking at you giant black bar with the giant HTC logo "that looks like a button but isn't one".)

An Android Wear app for musician's!

I am far more excited about this app than I should be, but that's probably because I have an Android Wear device (Moto 360) and I own a few guitars (all with busted strings at the moment).


atHandTuner Wearable Tuner ($1.45) is an app that is serious need of a name change (it sounds redundant to me) and is also incredibly useful. It puts a tuner on your wrist. That's it. It looks great and does exactly what it's supposed to. What more could you ask for?

Android Police did a nice write up on the app for those interested and if you're at all interested I seriously suggest heading over and checking that out.


NowI just need to save money and replace all my guitars with a lovely Gibson SG and everything will be perfect. For those unfamiliar with specific guitars you might recognize the Gibson SG as the one used by the legendary Angus Young.

And for those wondering, I do in fact randomly famous Angus walk and play while jamming. Come on. Anyone who plays an electric and says they've never pretended to be Angus while playing is a goddamn liar.


If you somehow don't know what "Angus walk" I'm referring to then you can see it here. It happens at around the 42 second mark. You also get a much better view of the guitar in that video. Being from Texas though I really didn't want to go the cliche route and post that video. I hate that it's associated with that stupid Texas high school football movie whose name I don't remember because I've never seen it. That's not a good movie! Necessary Roughness on other hand is a great football movie! The amusing and entertaining Larry Miller, who host the "This Week with Larry Miller" podcast (which is hands down my favorite podcast ever but I couldn't tell you why), is in it. Not too mention Mr. Quantum Leap himself, Scott Bakula!

And that's enough of a tangent I've gone on with all that.

Everyone who has or will have Google Fiber is someone I don't care for, mostly because I am jealous


I'm not even going to bother writing anything on this. I'll let Android Police do the talking for me with a link to the appropriate article and a screenshot I took just now.


For the record, everyone in one of those blue cities is officially the son of a motherless goat! Everyone in one of those purple cities will soon be a son of a motherless goat.

To reiterate, the following applies to everyone in those cities. (And you know what, also the people in the "potential Fiber" cities.)

And on that note...

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