It seems to be a relatively slow news week, what with Google IO taking place last week that’s kind of expected. Everyone is still pouring over everything related to Android M and no one wants their thunder to be overshadowed by IO so most companies tend to hold off for a bit before announcing anything or releasing anything new.

That said there’s still some interesting stuff going on.

Deals left and right!

Huawei comes out swinging with the Huawei P8 Lite!

Today, Huawei has announced and released the Huawei P8 Lite. It can be purchased via Amazon for $249.99.

As for specifics, this is a seriously nice phone in both the looks department and specs (minus coming with KitKat out of the box).


Huawei is one of the many Chinese companies known for making “meh” phones, but like a few others lately they are really trying to break out of that mold and gain entry in the U.S. market and to that end they’re seriously killing it with some of their handsets recently. This one being a prime example.

Honestly, if I didn’t already have a phone I love I’d give some serious thought to the P8 Lite. I really like the look of it, although I don’t care for the fact that it’s coming out of the box with KitKat when we’re already looking forward to Android M in a few months.


That said, if anyone is interested in the device just know that it is fully compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile’s LTE networks here in the United States.

But, if you are interested in the phone, I highly recommend you buy it from Huawei as they have a ridiculous deal going on right now.


$200 will net you everything seen in that pic above (minus the cupcakes), as well as a case for your phone. What you see there is the P8 Lite, a Bluetooth dual stereo speaker (which normally retails for $99.99), a $50 Net10 SIM card that’ll get you unlimited talk, text, and data (3 GB of high speed, limited to 64 kbps after that) for 30 days.

Note the price yet again, $200. For all that. They’re giving you the phone at basically a $50 discount and throwing in everything else for free. That’s a damn good deal.

You can partake in that deal by buying directly from Huawei via this link. Keep in mind one very important thing, this deal is for 72 hours only. Oh yeah, you also have some additional options.


If for whatever reason you don’t want the P8 Lite you can always choose from either the Ascend Mate 2 ($299.99) or the SnapTo ($179.99). The former is a 6.1” phone and the latter is a much more “diminutive” 5” device. Keeping in mind as well that you’ll still get all that other stuff (minus the case, as that only applies if you purchase the P8 Lite) and you also get $50 off either phone’s retail price. So it’d be $249.99 for the former and $129.99 for the latter respectively.

Nexus Player sales left and right!


Price wise the “stock” purchase is for the device and remote alone and the price on Amazon is the same as what Best Buy is charging online and in store (and the Nexus Player should be available at any Best Buy).


If you’re not at all familiar with the Nexus Player you can read my review of it here.

Pick up an LG G3 (32 GB) AT&T unlocked phone off ebay


If you’re so inclined that is. The phone itself is the AT&T model, but it is fully unlocked meaning you can use it with any GSM carrier (i.e. any carrier or MVNO that requires SIM cards), although not all the LTE bands will necessarily be compatible (so you’ll need to do your homework first).

The phone will set you back $340, but considering AT&T sells it for $450 off contract that’s definitely a bargain. You get free shipping to and if you order today you should have it between this and next Friday at the latest.


I’ve written about the LG G3 before and it’s certainly one of my favorite phones released in the past year or so.

Also, it’s got a microSD card slot if that is something you care about and a user replaceable battery. If memory serves me correctly the phone officially supports 32 GB microSD cards but you can throw a 64 GB in there and it’ll read it just fine. (Keeping in mind brands do make a difference, so buy a decent one. Sandisk and Samsung tend to make the best microSD cards, Kingston is a close third.)

Speaking of not so bad phones...

Alcatel has a serious hit with the OneTouch Idol 3!


The phone itself retails for $249.99 via Amazon and from what I’ve read takes amazing pictures (since it uses a Sony camera sensor that is traditionally found in major OEM’s mid-to-high-end devices) and has front facing speakers that rival those found on HTC’s M series of devices (the M7, M8, and M9). That’s a pretty bold thing to state, as HTC’s Boomsound technology is second to none.

For a thorough review of the phone I suggest you read Android Police’s write-up on it.


Additionally, the phone itself supports all of T-Mobile’s LTE bands. I’m not certain about AT&T’s though.

In a significant Google app update Google Camera gets an interesting new change

With the Developer Preview of Android M something that was noticed is that when you use the Google Camera in Android M you can see a preview of any shot you just took. No more having to swipe right and then checking the picture.


Instead what you got was a little FAB showing you the most recent picture taken and you could tap it and then see the image (although sliding right still does that same thing). That feature has now come to those of us not running Anroid M via an update to Google Camera, which you can snag here.


Honestly, that’s basically it for worthwhile news between Monday and today.

If anything of significant drops before I leave work today though I’ll update the post accordingly.

Beyond that, I’d apologize that there’s not much to report but then I’d feel like a Canadian. Apologizing for doing nothing wrong. Oh you wacky Canucks crack me up. You’re alright though, the whole lot of you! And I say that as someone who is Texan born and raised and who would much rather watch some hockey than American football. Please, please, please won’t someone invite me up to participate in a hockey riot? I will bring my own gas mask, I already have one picked out and everything.


But I digress. Nothing much of note going on, nor likely will there be til the end of June. We’re at that time of the year when leaks are going to start occuring for both Motorola and likely Google, since they release phones right after one another. Motorola at the end of summer and Google about a month or two later.

The LG G4 is already hitting shelves in some places here in the U.S., so we should be seeing some reviews pretty soon. Personally I’ll wait for Android Police to write theirs. On a somewhat related note, if you want to see some pretty good video reviews be sure to check out Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) and Erica Griffin’s YouTube channels. They both make some amazing videos and you can always trust them to provide excellent reviews.

Here are two examples of them reviewing the same phone, the LG G4 (per just having mentioned it, duh!).


MKBHD’s video

Erica Griffin’s video

Also, it might just be how childish I am but I giggled when Erica says “non-conformist”. Mostly because when I hear that I immediately think of the goth kids from South park.


And that’s all you get for now today.