So first off, yesterday’s post was scrapped down to a family crisis/emergency that is still going on. I honestly can’t even remember what I wrote before taking a call from my mom that fucked up my entire family’s day. So that post has gone to the great beyond, whatever it was it’s gone.

As for me? I’m as alright as I always am, but my way of dealing with things is by losing myself in something else. I mean it’s that or run away/retreat in on myself and just shut the world out. Or booze. Lots of booze. (Last night is very much a vague blur. I remember getting home and that’s basically the last clear memory I have from the afternoon. This is how I deal with things! Don’t judge me!)

That said a friend who is as childish as I am heard about what went on yesterday and in one of those amazing coincidences that happens in life got a new phone shortly after I got the bad news and then let me go by after work and just play with it for quite a bit. I am still kinda bleh mentally though, so writing a nice and thorough review was out of the question. Figured I’d just do a quick little write up and share some addition Android related news with you all.

So that quick write-up on a new phone, I used the LG G4 and goddamn!

My best friend is a Samsung fan boy and two nights ago he mentioned he was due for his upgrade from Sprint and asked for phone recommendations. The one catch being “it has to be big”, his last phone was a Note II and he refused to downgrade from roughly that size.


He had looked at the Note 3 but sadly it was rather pricey even with an upgrade, so that was out.

In my book that left two options: the Nexus 6 and LG G4.

Breaking things down as simply as possible here is why I recommended those two, at least insofar as their key selling points goes.


Nexus 6: Google’s current flagship device, which means it’ll get updates first and have great support from both Google and the tinkering community for quite some time.

LG G4: Has a removable battery and a microSD card slot to expand the storage capacity.

After checking he realized the Nexus 6 didn’t have a removable battery and while that was a serious negative for him in his book he actually went to Sprint yesterday with the intention of leaving with a Nexus 6. Even if he did complain about the UI. (Samsung’s long been weird about their buttons on the bottom of the front of the device and what they do. So what I consider “the norm” my bestie thinks is weird and wrong.) Well, no local Sprint stores had any in stock and since he was already in the mindset of “yay, I’m getting a new phone” he refused to leave with his old one still in hand and thus the LG G4 it was. He picked it up maybe all of 30 minutes before I got out of work.


Once I picked him up he drove so I could play with it, again because he knew I needed the distraction and much like him I am a sucker for a new toy.

My thoughts on it are as follows.

It has a fucking beautiful display. I am not at all joking or exaggerating that point. That was the very first thing I noticed and said out loud after hitting the power button and firing it up. The sharpness of it cannot be accurately described, it is something you have to see to believe. We already went over a list of games worth throwing on his phone just so we could see how they look on that display. It’s a 5.5” screen by the way. Totally forgot to mention that right off the bat.


I also noticed that the viewing angles even from across the seat in my car were damn good. This is one of the very few phones I’ve seen where it had such good viewing angles from anywhere but directly staring at the device.


The build quality is phenomenal. I won’t say it’s on the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, but it is damn close. The materials used aren’t the same as those found on the S6 and that is perfectly acceptable, LG made fantastic use of the materials they went with. It’s also a surprisingly light phone. In hand it felt noticeably lighter than my Moto X (2nd Gen.). I do use a case on my phone though, without said case on it’s pretty damn light itself. That said, even without my case on my phone the G4 still felt lighter and that despite being a bigger phone.

Despite having a great build quality, the lightness of the phone made both me and my buddy worry about it as we held it. We both felt like we were going to fuck up that phone. Our hands love going full “I will freak the hell out with you having no control over us whatsoever and drop everything you hold dear” randomly so we both held it with both hands most of the time while using it. He even asked me to find him a case online ASAP because of how worried he was about messing up his brand new phone.

So you’re definitely going to want to throw a case on it if you pick it up.

That design takes the best aspects of previous models and combines them. I’m referring specifically to the G3 and G Flex 2. If you can get some hands on time with the G4 and have played with both of those phones before then you’ll see what I’m talking about.


It’s even got a slight curve when you look at it from the side and I think that’s what makes it feel as good in hand as it does.

You can see said slight curve as compared to the G Flex 2 in the pic below.


UPDATE! I forgot to mention one of the most interesting and unique design changes on the phone. The volume and power buttons are on the back! It’s something you have to actually experience for yourself to truly appreciate. It isn’t at all what we’re used to, but the thing is once you get used to it and you will rather quickly you’ll find it perfect. The buttons are in the spot where your fingers tend to naturally rest when holding your phone.

LG’s UI isn’t great but at least it’s not Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The phone itself came with Android Lollipop 5.1 out of the box, which is great because it skipped the slight mess that was 5.0. And like I said, LG’s UI in my opinion isn’t great but it could definitely be worse. [glares at TouchWiz]

You can see what it looks like in the following screenshot pics.


LG has its own not quite the same thing Google Now type thing going on called “Smart Bulletin” which is accessible by swiping over to the left screen from your main homescreen.

You’ll find quite a bit on there, including various settings to mess with for Smart Bulletin. (Including a “remote control”, since the phone has an IR blaster and can in fact be setup very quickly to control your TV. My buddy said he discovered it right away and was amazed at how quickly it took to sync and work properly with his TV.)


The camera is supposedly second to none. This is from multiple online sources and reviewers. I didn’t mess with the camera at all while using the phone yesterday but my friend did and he says the pictures were noticeably clearer and better than his previous phone, which isn’t saying much given his previous phone was two years old. The thing is though that Samsung has been the smartphone camera reigning champince seemingly forever. For Samsung, who’s got a great camera as is on the S6, to be blown out of the water as reigning champ means LG must really have a winner in that department. And that isn’t hyperbole, that is the one consistent thing across all the reviews I’ve read about this phone. “The camera beats every other out there.”

Battery life, who knows? Seriously, new device that’s been owned for technically less than 24 hours now and it’s a new toy for two children in this case. That means we basically went out of our way to fiddle with it the entire time we have had access to it, battery life is completely unreliable right now because we’re murdering the battery in the phone from messing with it.

The phone does have a major plus going for it, it’s Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certified. That means with an appropriate charge it’ll charge like a beast. As is, out of the box the charger that comes with the phone is pretty when it comes to charging the phone but it’s not Quick Charge 2.0 quick. My friend already asked that I also find him a wall and car charger that does meet Qualcomm’s certifications.


Oh and the charger that does come with the phone? It’s pretty damn big.

Unrelated note: I wish I could show you the rest of my buddy’s room, but... it’s horrifying. One person on the Odeck has seen it and they hated me for showing them said room immediately after. Whatever is the worst room you can imagine in any normal person’s house does not do justice to the state that room can normally be found in.


Oh yeah, LG is on a roll with the promos for this phone. Recently, another friend picked up the G4 and they scored a 32 GB microSD card from T-Mobile. I pointed them to a promo that ended on the 30th of this past month that landed them a 128 GB microSD and spare battery for their phone. My buddy who got the phone yesterday was pissed/annoyed when I sent him the link and we realized that promo had expired. This morning I learned about a new one (available via this link) and which is set to expire at the end of this month.

What do you get with the new promo? See below to find out.


Overall, if Motorola throws the 810 in the next Moto X then I’ll be picking up the G4 instead. That’s how good this phone is, I’m willing to drop my current favorite OEM entirely.

John Legere is the best CEO out there!

Seriously. But I get ahead of myself.

So earlier this week Sprint came up with a new “unlimited” plan that would cost people $80 a month. Unlimited everything. There was a serious catch though in the fine print. Want to watch videos? Congratulations! You were officially gonna get throttled to 600 kbps while doing so. That is just... bad. Like AT&T DSL speeds at my house bad. (Fuck. Why am I lying? I wish I had DSL speeds like that. I’m at half that, this despite AT&T “doubling” our speeds when we threatened to leave them for Time Warner. AT&T’s idea of doubling speeds though is actually “keep it exactly the fucking same”. I hate AT&T! Have I mentioned that? If not then consider it mentioned.)


Anyway, Sprint came up with that really bad plan and got called out on it by everyone and their mother. I have never seen a company backpedal so hard and fast. They removed that aspect of the plan.

Naturally, John Legere couldn’t help but take a shot at Sprint.


This did not sit well with Sprint’s CEO. It did not sit well with him at all, he absolutely lost his shit in fact.


Made all the worse when Droid Life basically shared a piece this morning proving just how wrong Marcel Claure was in everything he tweeted out yesterday.


From the piece.

Yikes. So let’s talk about what Claure is attempting to say and why he’s mostly clueless.

T-Mobile’s new JUMP! On Demand program allows you to lease a phone at a set monthly amount with the option to upgrade phones at up to 3 times per year. Claure keeps referring to this as a “fake” deal that starts you out at $15 per month on a phone before then jumping you up to $27 per month when you upgrade. He thinks this is “misleading” and that Legere is trying to “trick” people. Except, well, T-Mobile isn’t doing that at all.

That $15 per month price is a limited time promotional price for the iPhone 6. T-Mobile is 100% clear about this. Look at the chart below that they sent us with pricing for all of the phones included in this JUMP! On Demand plan. See, “limited time.” And also, the rest of the phones included in the plan are priced if you took the full retail of the phone and divided it by 24 payments (even though the lease is for 18 months). This isn’t a trick. It’s as clear as can be.


T-Mobile kicked off a new plan and is doing a short-term promotional deal on the iPhone 6 at $15 per month to try and get people to buy in. Almost every company does this sort of thing. It’s called marketing. So yes, if you upgrade from that phone, your next phone won’t be $15, it will be whatever the regular price is for the phone you upgrade to. Why? Because that is a promotional offer on the iPhone 6 to generate some buzz for this plan. If you buy a Galaxy S6 and upgrade in a month to a Galaxy S6 Edge, your payment will be different, but only by a couple of dollars because only the iPhone 6 is on the promo deal. This is all pretty simple.

Marcelo Claure, I get that you are frustrated, but dude, if you are going to come to battle, at least know what the hell you are talking about first. Don’t bring this weak sauce.

And now we wait for Legere to respond…if he even thinks it’s worth it.

And John being the CEO we all know and love did in fact respond.


Maybe it’s just the past 24 hours I had but that response struck me as downright hysterical. Not being one to let an epic meltdown go with just a “u mad bro?”, John followed it up with a few more tweets.


And I’ve pointed out before (although maybe not on the Odeck) that John Legere is basically just a regular person like the rest of us, except he heads a big company. If you tweet something in his direction he will personally respond. He’s done it to me at least twice, which I thought was awesome.

Someone tweeted out something that he then retweeted and you can’t help but laugh because he’s seriously just needling Marcelo at this point.


I love that he does this kinda thing. He will absolutely lay it on to any other carrier’s CEO when they step up and try and take shots at him. I personally find it amusing, some of you might not and that’s cool. To each their own.

I eagerly await what comes next.

Lifeline is a really interesting game you should check out


Currently available (on sale) for $0.99 via the Play Store), the game is a simple text based one. It is brought to you from the writer of Fables: The Wolf Among Us, Dave Justus, and is surprising interesting. I have never in my life been into text based games and I’ve looked at quite a few found in the Play Store. This one has finally done the impossible and that makes it mighty, it’s got me hooked.

Story wise, Taylor, a student who won the chance to go off into space with a shuttle crew, has been stranded on a moon or planet after a shuttle emergency which results in the shuttle eventually crashing. You are somehow able to pick up his signal and communicate with him. Basically, you’re his “I’d like to phone a friend”. When he needs to make a choice he presents it to you and you select from two options and he’ll go with whatever you choose.

What’s great is this game is one that’s not quite real time. You talk back and forth and now and again you’ll see a message saying “Taylor is busy” and that’s it. You can back out of the game. Eventually you’ll see a notification (or several) in your status bar with him basically communicating with you and tapping one launches the app and you can talk to him at that point.


I picked the game up around 12:30 and have been “playing” on and off since as messages come in. I’m at a point where I’m looking forward to Taylor “contacting” me. That’s how good this is. I actually want notifications in my status bar.

UPDATE! Blackberry is finally creating a device that uses Android and my goodness is it a looker.


Code named “Venice”, based solely on what I can see in the picture I can tell you the device is running Lollipop.

It definitely isn’t using the new Type C connection, as is evident on the bottom there. That’s a “standard” current microUSB port.

The screen certainly looks interesting though. If you look closely at the edges you can see that it curves slightly, although you can also notice that the actual display itself (what you actually see) doesn’t extend all the way to the edge. So what you normally see as you use your phone is normal as far as what we’re used to.


And while I can’t be sure one way or another, I’d wager that the phone likely has a front facing speaker behind the grill there on the bottom.

Also, and take this with a grain of salt (but it’s likely true and you can quote me on that), the phone is tipped to end up an AT&T exclusive. Given that AT&T is one of the few (maybe only?) carriers that still carries Blackberry devices this makes sense, but also sucks. I for one have never been a fan of carrier exclusives, not the least reason for which is that some of those exclusives are amazing devices. Minus the whole being tied to one network thing.

Now I have to ask, what do you all think of the phone? Like it? Hate it? Intrigued?


If this phone actually does make it to market anytime soon I’d be intrigued enough to order one next time I have to order a phone at work. Blackberry being a requirement for our federal employees (per management’s policy).

And that’s all for today, cause I got an hour to go and fuck this place.

Seriously, why do we have to work as adults? I think I want to trade in my “I’m over 18 and legally an adult” card and just be a kid again. I had more money as a kid even when I worked and went to school, to add insult to injury. Worked less, had more money. How the hell does that work?


At least I’m off tomorrow. The really fun part is whether I’ll call in sick Monday or not. Currently I am thinking I will. Might as well make it a 4 day weekend, amirite?

On that note, everyone be safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do this 4th of July weekend. Which pretty much means: Feel free to do as you please. Especially when it comes to popping fireworks. I have no idea why some people are scared when around fireworks. Dorks. Then again, pyro here. So of course people don’t enjoy fireworks or fire as much as I do. The fools!