So I had a thought earlier today while driving back to the office from making a delivery to do something slightly different this week.

Which is "you tell me" but in a very specific manner about something and that's gonna be the first bold thing you see below.

Everyone who wants to be on Lollipop please say so.

There's a slight catch though, I don't just want you to say you want to be on Lollipop. I want you to tell me your specific device and carrier. Devices tend to come in carrier specific/tailored versions, which means an update for one won't work on another. So you all tell me what phones you have, assuming you want the update as soon as possible that is, and I will go and find your updates for you and tell you how to as easily as possible update your phones yourselves (and am available for additional help/instructions if needed and I'll tell you how to contact me if so).

So again, tell me the specific phone you have and what carrier if applicable. By which I mean, for example: Samsung Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile) per my mom's device. (Note: I have the Lollipop update for that phone at home, so when I get in to work tomorrow I will upload the file needed and include instructions on how to install it.)

Of course some of you might buy off contract like I do, in which case, per my own example, you would post the info as follows: Moto X (2nd Gen.) Pure Edition. Pure Edition being the unlocked off contract version of the Moto X (2nd Gen.).


And so on and so forth. (Save Nexus/Google Play Edition device owners, you all need to give me a bit more info, see further below for what I need.)

This is of course assuming your phone hasn't been updated already or you aren't running a custom ROM that is Lollipop based.


shadowstarr I have you covered! The Lollipop update for the OnePlus One can be found here. An installation guide for it can be found here.

Now, for Nexus devices it gets a bit more specific. I will need your current Android version and the Build Number for it. For that you need to go into Settings and then About Phone and give me what it says there on top of your device and Android version. Like that I can get you the correct link to the file you need.


Moto G GPe (Moto G Google Play Edition) owners will be jumping from 5.0 to 5.1 (Build Number LRX21Z to LMY47M) and can find the file they need to do so here.

"But, bangishotyou, I don't know how to install the update on my Moto G GPe!"

Don't worry, I got you covered!

Nexus/Google Play Edition device owners can head here and read my write-up on how to manually sideload OTA updates.


With those handful of current exceptions I'll need more info to help you all get up to date, so don't hesitate to tell me about your devices. If the update is available I'll find it for you, if it isn't I'll do my best to find out when you can expect it.


On a much lighter and more gaming related note, there's The Adventures of Poco Eco

The Adventures of Poco Eco ($1.98) was released yesterday and it seems like a very interesting and fun game almost in the same style (visually at least) as Monument Valley ($3.99).


I haven't purchased it yet, but I will do so tomorrow afternoon and give it a go. At worst it's only $2 and I'm sure it'll provide an afternoon's worth of amusement, if not long term replayability (that's now a word!).

Those interested in the music in the game can find the album Lost Sounds by iamyank available for purchase here.


I mentioned Star Wars has hit the Play Store, yes?

For those unaware, the films are finally being released digitally this Friday but you can get your pre-order on now.


People who prefer buying from Google can read up on the specifics I wrote about yesterday here.


Or you can save yourself some time by just heading here and ordering them now. It'll set you back $89.99 for all six films.

They are available on an individual basis though, just FYI.

A few Google app updates

The big one being for Calendar, which has received the ability to show an entire month again.



The 5.1 update to the apk allowed you to see a single day, three days, or an entire week. 5.2, which is what this apk is updated to, gives you the ability to see the entire month and that ain't too shabby.

Updates to the Play Store and Maps are also available.

For the forgetful among you [points at everyone but himself] here's a To Do and Task List app


I read about this one on Droid Life earlier today (even if the article was posted yesterday afternoon), here's an app worth checking out if you need reminders about things you have to do: Swipes - To-Do & Task List (free).

The app itself appears to follow Material Design guidelines and is also swipe-gesture based, which means swiping this way or that way shows you additional items to do. The natural view when opened is centered (the middle column) and shows you what you have on your agenda for today. Swiping from left to right shows you tasks that you have set as needing to do later and swiping from right to left shows you items you've already completed.



I haven't installed this yet but I'll likely do so later today. Although it's highly likely I'll forget and then think "what was I gonna install?" and then end up on this post again responding to a comment and seeing the app and then going "oh yeah, the app!" and then doing it then. I could do it now. I could also in theory not be lazy, but I am. So to summarize: I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam. [does the Pop-eye chuckle] I did mention I should use an app like this, yes? Because I'm forgetful. And lazy. Don't judge me.

And that appears to be all for today

Because this has been a relatively slow news week in the world of Android. Unless of course anyone can think of some noteworthy items, in which case bust them out and I'll add them to the post!


That plus it's the end of the day and I feel beat and have since lunch. I just wanna drive home, finish the latest podcast episode of Dan Carlin's Common Sense on the drive, then walk in and pass out on the couch downstairs. I am so tired today and I don't know why. (In which case I might not update the post til tomorrow.)