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Wednesday Fix

There’s much talk of what the future of comics will be. A few well written articles are presented here by Alliterator. Who knows what will happen. But what the hell, I read comics and you do, too.

And so...

In the spirit of doing everything ass-backwards, I’ll be posting a kind of Wednesday Book Club for comics every Wednesday. This is the place for all you crazy kids to post what comics you’re reading, but only for the current week. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing a weekly thing here. You can make a simple pull list just naming the books you read. Or write a brief or long summery of the plot of any or all the titles you read as long as you include spoiler warnings. You can include graphic novels and trades you wish to share. Again, write as much as you like about as long as there are spoiler warnings. And finally, you can also list web comics. Web comics is something I always forget to look into, so if anyone has a suggestion or three, lease share.


For this week, my list is rather light.

Saga #45, Doom Patrol #7, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Usagi Yojimbo #1, Barrier #5 which is a digital pay-what-you-want comic and not so much a web comic and the GN My Friend Dahmer which I expect to receive through the mail later this week and will soon to be a motion picture, thank you very much.

What about you?

Also, a big Thank You to geesejuggler who was cool enough to split Wednesday Book Club with me. GJ keeps the books and I get the comics. Yay!


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