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Wednesday Fix

This week I’ll do something a little different since I’m only picking up ONE COMIC. In fact, I’ll probably do more of this whenever there’s room - like this week - so as to keep this little blog going.

First, my pick:

Saucer State #3

With a real alien ship a year away from Earth, Arcadia’s far right political foes are suggesting something that sounds horribly like revolution. Meanwhile, fairies are offering her ex-husband a cake-for-access deal. No, really. It’s the start of a quest that will unlock the secrets of reality as the series takes its unique mixture of House of Cards and Jeff Kripal to... Russia? Soon readers everywhere will be able to say, “Oh, they went there.” Because there is where we live.


Okay, now that that’s outta the way.

I used to work at a comic book store in my early 20s. I always wanted to get a job like that when I was a kid and my wish came true. I had fun at that store and there was no shortage of funny, odd, and a few times troubling moments. Its funny but movies like Clerks and True Romance get it right. Stories about customers with their quirky, hysterical, and inane questions and behavior was fairy-dust sprinkled experience at that joint for me.

Warning: NSFW content in this video.

This happened to me. But the similarities end here in that the girl I was dating wasn’t a prostitute and we didn’t go on a drug trafficking adventure afterwards. Because friends knew I worked at the comic book shop often told me to check out True Romance and that I would like it. I finally relented. They were right. As soon as this scene played out I was hooked. No pun intended. As for my beautiful friend, I wonder where she is today? Wherever and whatever she is doing, I wish her the very best. <3


Okay, that’s it for this week. What’s with you? What goodies you got in your stash this week. As always, you can include comics in all formats. Graphic novels/trades, comic strips and web comics are fair game.

You can talk about your own experience at the shop, too. I mean, why the hell not?

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