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Wednesday Fix

Contrary to popular belief, catnip does NOT have the same ecstatic effect on all cats alike. I had one cat who seemed to orgasm every time I fed her this stuff. At times, I ended giving her less because of the intense reaction. Another cat of mine did not react to the stuff at all. Her bowel movements garnered a bigger response. To each her own, I guess...

What’s up, y’all? What’s going on? If nothing, then let’s get to why this is here.


These are my picks this week:

Doom Patrol #7 - What is S**t, and why is everyone eating it? Cliff doesn’t like it, but Casey can’t get enough. Sure, Cliff doesn’t like a lot of stuff, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong to be suspicious this time around. Meanwhile, we find out where Lotion the cat got off to, and how his journey has changed him. Life on the streets has made him an entirely different animal!

Scales & Scoundrels #1 - It’s hard to make an honest living in a land brimming with magic and mystery, and treasure hunter Luvander is tired of being a penniless adventurer. Ever in search of gold and glory, she sets off for a fabled dungeon, “the Dragon’s Maw,” an ancient labyrinth, at the bottom of which slumbers endless wealth…or certain doom! But what starts out as a road to riches becomes the first step on an epic journey to destiny, for Luvander holds a secret in her heart that will shatter the chains of fate and bring light to a world encroached upon by an ancient darkness.

Writer SEBASTIAN GIRNER (SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!) and artist GALAAD are proud to present SCALES & SCOUNDRELS, a colorful and exciting new monthly fantasy adventure from Image Comics, for scoundrels of all ages!


World Reader #6 - Sarah’s mission lies in failure, but the moment of truth is here. Who is the Faded Man and why is he hunting Sarah across the dead worlds? The breath of every life speaks through Sarah, and Life itself reveals its purpose. The first arc of this epic sci-fi comes to a starling conclusion!

From Groot and Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer Jeff Loveness and AMERICAN MONSTER, ANIMOSITY: THE RISE artist Juan Doe comes the chilling, epic new series that will be sure to appeal to fans of Arrival, Interstellar and The Expanse.


What’s in your bag this week? Be sure to include web comics if ya got ‘em.

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