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Wednesday Fix

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With few comics on my list this week, I’ll dig into my bag of stories as a comic book store clerk to regale you kids with.


On a typical day at Wildside Comics & Cards, (this was in the mid-nineties, btw) a man in his mid-thirties came in with his seven year old-ish son. He said “hi” and appeared amiable enough, engaging me in small talk about whatever and I responded as a courtesy. They were the only ones there and he (the adult) went through the back issue bins always holding his boy in hand. Nothing out of the ordinary in an ordinary day at the ol’ shop.

The phone rang and I answered and after a few minutes on the phone, this guy suddenly yanked a bagged comic from the bins and took off, the child in tow. I told the person on the phone to hold on and rushed after the thief. I quickly locked the door behind me and stepped lively toward him - this had not been the first time someone tried this and I was used to it - and yelled, “Hey!” as caught up to him. He turned to me with a stupid, jerk-off grin and handed the comic back to me saying, “Sorry.” I glanced at the issue he had stolen. It was a Superman comic. At the time, Superman was popular as a character, though not a hot commodity. I raised it so he could get a good look and said to him, “This is just worth the cover price.” And walked back to the shop.


More than likely, the asshole thought that any comic in a comic book shop would be worth its weight in gold.

I can only imagine what he and his son are up to these days.

This weeks picks are few:

Saga #47- Meet Ianthe, who has very big plans for The Will. This is one of Staples better character designs.


Black Magick #8 - “AWAKENINGS II,” Part Two Samhain approaches. Rowan and Morgan get a break on their case, while Alex pursues an investigation all her own. The Hammer identifies Rowan and considers how to deal with the threat she poses.

Game time decision: Hellblazer #14 - “The Spirit Hunter” part two! Detective Margaret Ames doesn’t want to think her ex could murder someone, but when you used to date John Constantine, anything is possible. And John’s staying uncharacteristically sober as he tries to absolve himself of the murder he dreamed!


What’s in your bag?

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