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Wednesday Open Thread - Music For The Hump Day Edition

There’s been the passing of 3 great artist in just 2 months. I guess most of these people are at that age, but still... Glenn Frey died of complications of various illness this past Monday, January 18. He was the creator of The Eagles. One thing that always struck me about the band is how they jumped genres from rock to country so effortlessly and were very successful at it. Frey wrote and co-wrote of the music along with Don Henley. Most of it, anyway.

I’ve been listening more to their music since I saw the documentary History Of The Eagles on Netflix.


Tequila Sunrise is on heavy rotation for me for a few weeks now because of reasons I won’t get into, but if you know the lyrics, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

In any case, this is the Open Thread. Talk about music, talk about the passion, talk about your navel, or your portal. But whatever you do, always remember the immortal words of Rob Tyner, singer of the infamous MC5:


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