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Wednesday Woof - Lycalopex sechurae Edition

This Wednesday Woof is unfortunately light on information, since very little is known about this particular canid, but I've included what I can.

The Sechuran Fox (Lycalopex sechurae) is a small fox found only in the Sechura Desert in Ecuador and Peru. It's also called the Peruvian Desert Fox or the Sechuran Zorro.


The Sechuran Fox measures up to 31 inches (78 cm) in body length, with a 13-inch tail (34 cm). The biggest ones weigh 9 pounds (4 Kg). Its coloring is what is called agouti, which means multi-colored.

Sechuran Foxes are nocturnal and solitary, although it has been observed traveling in small family groups, such as an adult with kits, or a mating pair. They spend the daylight hours in dens that have been dug into the ground. They are also opportunistic eaters, feeding on small animals, insects, seed pods and fruit. It's thought that they can go for a long time on vegetation alone.


Almost nothing is known about the mating habits and reproduction of the Sechuran Fox, except that litters are born in October. It's thought that there are no more than 15,000 individuals living in the wild, and their population is threatened by habitat loss, which is of particular concern in the Ecuadoran part of the Sechura Desert.


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