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Wednesday Woof - Pseudalopex griseus Edition

The Chilla (Pseudalopex griseus) is known by many names: South American Gray Fox, Patagonian Fox, Grey Zorro, zorro chico, or zorro de la pampa. As its names suggest, it can be found in the Southern Cone of South America, primarily Chile and Argentina.

The Chilla has been reported as far north as Peru, but in general they can be found in the semiarid Andean spurs, Patagonian steppes, and the forests of southern Chile.


The Chilla was introduced to the Falkland Islands in the 1920s and has fairly large populations on the islands of Beaver and Weddell.

Chillas are small, weighing only 9 pounds (4 Kg) and measuring 27 inches (70 cm) from nose to the base of the tail. They feed primarily on small mammals like rodents and rabbits, although they have been known to catch and eat birds.


Not much is currently known about Chillas, although research projects are currently underway to learn more. It is known that they typically mate in austral fall, around March. After a two-month gestation period, female Chillas will give birth to a litter of 2 to 4 kits.


The IUCN currently lists them as Least Concern, due to healthy populations of Chilla that can be found throughout its range.

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