Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


If WednesdayBookClub is written at midnight 12 am Wednesday night, does that still count as written on Tuesday? *Shrugs* I don’t even know anymore. With that said, welcome to another week’s WednesdayBookClub, everyone. Let’s get started.

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Mental health check-in. I went to a health clinic for my consultation and after being the only person in the waiting room for over an hour, I met with a nurse. Good news, she prescribed me a daily medicine to help with my anxiety and we’re scheduled again in 3 weeks to see how it goes and refering me to a doctor. Uhm, on the flip side of that, I haven’t taken it yet.

Before all of you start yelling at me, while I know that nurses are MVPs, I honestly would let to talk to a psychiatrist first for more information before I start taking another medicine. I honestly feel more like myself but I know that just taking the pills when I feel down isn’t how they work. (Yes, I’m mildly refering to this scene. The Flash is the bestest, guys.)

If my anxiety gets worse (which I will totally notice), I will try the new pills but I’m making plans and I’m feeling more at peace.


What were we talking about? Oh, books. I ain’t read nothing this week, guys. My bad.

What about you all?

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