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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

WednesdayBookClub: A Club About Books?

Okay, I oversleep so TIME FOR BOOK CLUB!!

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So this week, I’m shaking things up and reading An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole. I really don’t like consuming media that centers around black people during/after the Civil War. Yes, that’s an important time but as a black woman, I already know there’s a lot of ick so I shy away from it. I’m thankful that this year I’ve found WOC who are writing about that time but in “lighter” ways (Romance or spy/romance novels). I’m also still stalling on Spin The Dawn. I don’t even know why.

Also, new record in trips around the sun today. 

What about you all? How has your book reading/listening week been thus far? Also, don’t forget, if you need to scream into the void, there’s a handy one right over here. *Slaps the top of void* You know how many elections and trolls this baby can handle? It’s a dependable void, very eco-friendly.

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