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WednesdayBookClub: A Gloomy Book Club

So it’s a gloomy day in my neck of the woods and I’m just getting over some stuff so let’s get started.

So since last week, MudderofCanton (A.K.A. SisterJugglerTheSecond) had a pretty bad cold so I was taking care of her, which lead to catching a lower grade version of her cold (No actual fever but my voice was Mumbles from Happy Feet level of gone and I was really tired).


Once I mostly got over that, I woke up Monday to the news of one of my favorite artists, Kim Jonghyun committing suicide. He was only 27 years old and was bravely outspoken about his struggles with insomnia and depression, especially in a culture where talking about things like that is still taboo. He was full of live, love, talent and all of the great descriptive words. I spent a good chunk of the best two days, crying and sulking with spurts of productivity sprinkled in. I’m doing better today but I still can’t watch any footage of him.

TLDR: The world sucks, I miss him and I haven’t read anything.

What about you all? Anything good this week.

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